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Amanda Kloots Responds to Critics: ‘Vaccine Shaming Should Not Be Happening’


Amanda Kloots Responds to Critics: ‘Vaccine Shaming Should Not Be Happening’

In many ways, Amanda Kloots — due to her late husband Nick Cordero’s harrowing, ultimately unsuccessful struggle to beat COVID-19 last year — has been one of the faces of the pandemic. Unexpectedly widowed and with an infant to care for, she shared her family’s experiences, and continues to speak out about the virus in her capacity as a co-host of CBS’s “The Talk.”

She was taken aback when getting her first dose of the vaccine turned into a controversy. Now, she has spoken out to People magazine about the ordeal.

On Friday, Kloots excitedly posted a picture of herself receiving her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Los Angeles, writing, “I just got my COVID 19 vaccine! I went to a site and waited in my car until all appointments were over in hopes that they had any extra vaccines. I was fully prepared to be turned away, but they said they had enough tonight for everyone waiting.”

Due to her age, her job, and her health, Kloots, 38, would not normally be able to get the vaccine just yet, but as she pointed out, there is a phenomenon when extra doses become available at sites, and rather than going to waste, they are administered to anyone, regardless of status.

“I cannot tell you how emotional I was and still am right now,” she went on. “I had Elvis beside me and Live Your Life playing in the car. THANK YOU to the National Guard that was here today volunteering since 5:30am administering the Pfizer vaccine to willing arms.”

As for why she was especially eager to get the vaccine, Kloots explained, “I have been terrified since Nick has passed, as a single mother, of getting this virus and now I am one step closer to safety.”

Surprisingly, some in her feed attacked her for “jumping the line” when many seniors and people with underlying conditions have yet to be vaccinated.

Responding to the uproar, Kloots tells People exclusively, “I think it’s crazy that people are trying to make this a scandalous thing. Anyone can do what I did.”

Urging people to look into their own ability to appear at sites and wait in line, she reasons “The more arms that we get this vaccine in, the better. I took my chance and went with two of my friends to a vaccination site in east L.A. We waited in a long line and hoped. After all the appointments were finished, we asked if they had any vaccines left, because if they have extra vaccines, they want to put it in arms instead of getting rid of it.”

The “extremely grateful” Kloots says firmly, “Vaccine shaming should not be happening, especially when you are waiting in line and that it would otherwise have been thrown out.”

Kloots, a fitness instructor and former Rockette, was married to Tony nominee Nick Cordero from 2017 until his death from COVID-19 in 2020. They have one son, Elvis Eduardo Cordero, who was born in 2019.