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Justin Bieber Flaunts Bikini Pics of Hailey Baldwin: Check Out My Hot Wife!


Justin Bieber Flaunts Bikini Pics of Hailey Baldwin: Check Out My Hot Wife!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin had an easier time than most in 2020.

First of all, they’re super rich. Second of all, they’re hot quasi-newlyweds who used their free time to bone nonstop.

The married celebs welcomed in 2021 by spending time at the beach.

And Justin has the bikini pics of his gorgeous wife to prove it.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have shared a series of photos of their jaw-droppingly hot seaside adventures.

In this one, you can see a candid moment as Hailey turns around, flaunting her incredible body in a simple black bikini as she sprawls across Justin.

To his credit, Justin looks good too, from what little you can see of him, but there is no question that Hailey is stealing all of the attention in this photo.

Not all of the photos flatter both spouses equally.

Here, we see Hailey posting in goggles while Justin, clearly unaware that he is being photographed, hunches forward beside the ocean.

It’s a good thing that men are not constantly judged almost exclusively for their appearance in the way that women are, or he might get some flak for this.

Clearly, snorkeling was on the menu, as Hailey is wearing snorkeling gear here while bundled up in a towel.

She gives an inscrutible expression to the camera while Justin peppers her with kisses.

It is a very sweet, authentic photo if not quite as salacious as some of the other tantalizing pics.

What a beautiful sunset!

Justin and Hailey are just part of this larger photo.

East coast sunrises are gorgeous, but West coast sunsets are obviously easier to see for most people’s sleep schedules.

Here, Justin lovingly cradles a very tired, bikini-clad Hailey on the beach.

Clearly, she is very tired, and is even wearing a partial shirt and sunglasses while she reclines.

We can only assume that Justin is wearing some sort of trunks or pants. We hope so. Sand can be intrusive and abrasive.

Posing late in the evening, Justin and Hailey show off their good looks … though clearly, Hailey put in a little more effort.

We may never fully understand why Justin so often chooses to wear simple white tee shirts.

Of course, fans don’t mind when he goes without the shirt altogether, of course.

Here, Hailey bestows a single kiss upon Justin while they are seated side-by-side in a car and Justin looks into the camera.

They are certainly a good-looking couple, whether they are dressed for a day at the beach or more formally.

We have to say that they both certainly clean up nicely!

Recently, Justin quashed rumors that he was studying to become a pastor, and revealed that his longtime church and he have parted ways.

“And BTW Hillsong is not my church…For clarity, I am a part of Churchome,” Justin shared.

“Church is not a place. We are the church,” he expressed. “We don’t need a building to connect with God. God is with us wherever we are.”