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Maya Rudolph Gets Spicy as Beyoncé in ‘SNL’ Return

Maya Rudolph Gets Spicy as Beyoncé in ‘SNL’ Return


Maya Rudolph Gets Spicy as Beyoncé in ‘SNL’ Return

Maya Rudolph, who left “Saturday Night Live” over 13 years ago and had not hosted since 2012, made her triumphant return as a host — and she brought her beloved Beyoncé impersonation with her!

In a parody of the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones” hosted by Sean Evans (played by Mikey Day), Beyoncé reluctantly agrees to sample some very, very hot wings on camera, saying, “I still can’t tell if this is beneath me, but my sister Solange loves this show so… I said I’d do it.”

The sketch continues with Queen B sweating it out as the spicy wings lead to a pop meltdown.

Watch it here!

The creators of “Hot Ones” thought Maya came correct, commenting on the “SNL” YouTube account, “Never thought a YouTube chicken wing talk show hosted by a bald guy would make it this far. Thank you Maya, Mikey, and SNL. SO GOOD!!!”

Rudolph opened the show with the first nonpolitical sketch in forever, a game show called “Snatched! Vaxed! or Waxed!” the “#1 game show for hot, infectious singles.”

Predictably, the episode had several references to COVID-19, but it tackled the pandemic and Americans’ ongoing move toward vaccination in surprising ways, including a hysterical rap called “Boomers Got the Vax” about baby boomers smug that they were at the front of the line for vaccination. As a granny, Rudolph flaunts her post-vax immunity with a maskless rap.

The show also featured Rudolph’s Emmy-winning take on Kamala Harris, and introduced her old “Maya & Marty” co-star Martin Short as her husband, second gentleman Doug Emhoff. Rudolph and Short came close to cracking up during a loved-up dance at the end.

Rudolph was a stand-out “SNL” cast member from 2000-2007, and has made frequent surprise visits.