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Piers Morgan Reveals What He Would Say to Meghan Markle, Plus: Death Threats He Says His Family Has Received


Piers Morgan Reveals What He Would Say to Meghan Markle, Plus: Death Threats He Says His Family Has Received

Weeks after walking off the set of “Good Morning Britain” and igniting a debate on “The Talk” that lead to Sharon Osbourne’s exit over comments about Meghan Markle, Piers Morgan is speaking out.

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with Piers, who talked about “cancel culture,” Meghan Markle, Sharon Osbourne, and the death threats he says his family has received.

When Billy said, “Wow, where do we begin? You are so riveting, you are so fascinating, and yet you’re canceled.”

Piers quipped, “Well, canceled is a loose form, isn’t it? There’s been an attempt to cancel me. There’ve been many attempts like this before, and somehow I remain resolutely uncanceled.”

“In the end, I was required to apologize for disbelieving Meghan Markle, who I don’t believe — and I believe, which is ironic, that you should not believe somebody if you don’t want to,” Morgan added.

When asked what he would say to Meghan if given the chance, Piers answered,  “I would say to Meghan Markle, ‘Look… sit down with me with your husband for an equally long interview… and let me ask you more difficult questions about all your claims… but let me ask you a wider question, which is this… If you hate the royal family that much… why do you keep your royal titles…? Why would you do that if it’s just not to make millions and millions of dollars…? And playing the victim as you do is nauseating.”

Of the reports that Markle made a phone call to Morgan’s boss at ITV, Piers said, “Well, I didn’t even know that Meghan Markle had contacted my boss at ITV, I didn’t even find out until I left. It was certainly a very interesting revelation from where I sit, because clearly she was trying to put huge pressure on my bosses to take action against me.”

Was Piers disappointed that not enough people reached out publicly or spoke out in support of him publicly after his exit? He answered, “I had a lot of support privately from a lot of people, a lot of support publicly from well-known people, most notably Sharon Osbourne, but look at what happened to Sharon on ‘The Talk’ for defending me and my right to have an opinion. Even though she made it clear that she didn’t agree with everything I was saying, she was then targeted by Sheryl Underwood on ‘The Talk’ and she was accused of supporting someone who had said racist things.”

“It’s not racist to disbelieve Meghan Markle — don’t give a damn about her skin color,” Piers emphasized. “I do care about the veracity of what she was saying.”

He added, “And I think Sheryl Underwood should be the one leaving ‘The Talk’ for falsely accusing me of racism.”

When Billy mentioned reports that there were 57,000 complaints against Piers at “Good Morning Britain,” Piers said, “All I can say is there were 57,000 complaints against me, which were drive by an online mob that came for me all day, came for members of my family, who were abusing my sons all day long, issuing death threats to them.”

When asked if his wife supported him 100%, Piers shared, “My wife’s always been completely supportive about this, but she hates the online abuse… The idea my sons had to be targeted by so-called liberals in a way that was threatening to them, abusive to them… is completely disgusting.”

After defending the royal family, Piers noted that he’s  gotten “some messages communicated to me” from “members of the royal family.” When asked if the messages were from “upper-level people,” Piers played coy, saying, “Well, I’m not going to go into who it was, but what I can say is gratitude for someone who was standing up for me.”

Does Morgan have any regrets on how he handled things before his abrupt exit from “Good Morning Britain”? “The only thing I would have done differently,” he said, “I wouldn’t have walked out in the middle of the show the way I did; I don’t think Americans realized it was only for a few minutes and I went back in, and did two more hours of the show.”

Piers asserted, “I’m not a racist — nothing I’ve ever said about Meghan Markle is racist or racially motivated. I’ve been very critical of Prince Harry, and last time I checked he was white… and so I find this narrative deeply offensive.”