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All The #Aesthetic Cold Brew Coffee Makers on Our Wish Lists


All The #Aesthetic Cold Brew Coffee Makers on Our Wish Lists

(SPOT.ph) Whether you’re a veteran home brewer or a coffee newbie trying to figure out how to make the perfect cup of joe at home, cold brewing is a staple coffee preparation style that deserves a spot in every home brewer’s arsenal. Simply put, cold brew is made by leaving coarsely grounds coffee beans to soak in cold or room temperature water for anywhere between eight and 24 hours. This slow extraction process is great for those who prefer to prepare their coffee ahead of time, and the result is strong, full-flavored, and non-bitter coffee that’s ready to be served over ice.

Technically, you can make cold brew coffee with pretty much any old jar, container, or pitcher as long as you’ve got the right mesh strainer, but if you prefer to stock up on #aesthetic brewing tools for your curated coffee nook, we know where you can find some: Local online shop Coffee PHL has a great selection of cold brew coffee makers from cult-favorite brands worth checking out!

These cold brew coffee makers are on our wish lists:


Kinto is a Japanese brand known for their minimalist, seamlessly designed tableware fit for the fuss-free aesthetic that The Land of the Rising Sun has become known for—and yup, they’ve got cold brew coffee makers in their lineup. Choose between the Carafe and the Plug Iced Coffee Jug. They’re both built with mesh filters inside, which means as soon as your coffee is finished brewing, you can pour it straight into your cup with no fuss.

Take a look:

Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Carafe in Black (P1,995)

PHOTO BY Kinto Website
Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Carafe in White (P1,995)

PHOTO BY Kinto Website
Kinto Plug Iced Coffee Jug (P1,850)



Hario is a cult-favorite brand among die-hard coffee lovers and home brewers thanks to their form-meets-function take on coffee-making tools. Their no-frills finds promise to produce delicious, aromatic cups of joe without the need for headache-inducing techniques. Coffee PHL has their Mizudashi pitcher as well as their ever-popular cold brew bottle up for grabs.

Check them out:

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker (P1,345)

PHOTO BY Hario Website
Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle (P1,790)

PHOTO BY Hario Website


Don’t be intimidated by the Toddy Cold Brew System—its many parts promise to brew an excellent cup of cold brew with lots of flavor and no acidity. Here’s how it works: Start by placing the rubber plug and one of the filters at the bottom of the brewer as directed—you’ll want to make sure the filter is saturated in water before putting it in place. From there, pour a little water into the container and add half of your coarse grounds—the water underneath will keep the grounds from sticking to the bottom of the receptacle. Pour a little more water over the grounds in a circular motion, making sure all the grounds get soaked. Then just add the rest of your coffee and water (in that order) and fold the grounds sitting on top into the water to make sure they’re immersed.

After you’ve finished setting all that up, just leave the device to brew slowly for 12 to 24 hours. Once you’re ready to drink, place the Toddy brewer over the glass decanter and remove the plug underneath. Watching the finished cold brew slowly drain into the decanter will be the most satisying part—aside from drinking it, of course.

Here’s a peek at this cool device:

Toddy Cold Brew System (P3,000)

PHOTO BY Toddy Website

You can shop Coffee PHL through their website.

For more information, log on to Coffee PHL’s Instagram page.

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