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Cibo Made a Mashup of Carbonara + Pizza and We’re All for It


Cibo Made a Mashup of Carbonara + Pizza and We’re All for It


(SPOT.ph) Carbonara—the real kind with egg, if you’re particular about it—is an ode to simplicity done right. It’s got a short-but-sweet ingredient list that traditionally revolves around guanciale (cured pork jowl), pecorino cheese, eggs, and pasta, but they come together to make for a whole that’s far greater than its parts. The combo’s not just great on pasta, though. In fact, we recently spotted a new dish that’s an ode to the classic pasta: Italian spot Cibo has a new Pizza alla Carbonara that might just be your new favorite.

This pizza’s got the telltale rich, savory profile of carbonara.


Cibo’s Pizza alla Carbonara goes for a more modern interpretation of carbonara that’s no less flavorful, with bacon, eggs, mozarella, and parmesan on Cibo’s crisp-chewy, oval-shaped crust. A pizza goes for P575 and is available for delivery—just give Cibo a call at 8891-1111 or visit their website to order.

Don’t miss Cibo’s other new items, either. If you’re looking for some sweet-savory action, you can try the Marmellata di Lamponi (starts at P379), a sandwich with raspberry jam, cream cheese, fontina, and walnuts. And for a good dose of seafood-y flavors, go for the Linguine Amalfitana (starts at P539) with baby squid, cherry tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, black olives, and chili pepper flakes.

The Marmellata di Lamponi combines a tangy raspberry jam and different cheeses.

Baby squid is the star of the Linguine Amalfitana.


Cibo is a homegrown restaurant serving Italian fare that was established in 1997, with 2016 Asia’s Best Female Chef Margarita Fores at the helm. Some of their bestselling dishes are the Penne al Telefono and Tagliata Di Manzo.

For orders, contact 8891-1111 or visit Cibo’s website.

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