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Coffeeheads, Meet Your New Go-To Pastries


Coffeeheads, Meet Your New Go-To Pastries


(SPOT.ph) While we’re always happy to pair our pastries with coffee, the caffeinated drink’s also got a distinctive deep and roasty taste that makes it a great flavoring for pastries as well. If the thought of coffee-flavored treats get your mouth watering, you’ll want to check out the new Coffee Series by Apero: a line of breads and pastries that are made with rich, robust-tasting Intelligentsia coffee beans!

These coffee-infused pastries would pair perfectly with—you guessed it—more coffee!

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

On the sweeter end of the spectrum is the Coffee Pain au Chocolat (P135), a coffee-infused croissant stuffed with decadent dark chocolate. You can also go for the Coffee Morning Buns (P180), flaky rolls stuffed with Intelligentsia coffee beans (the actual beans!) and orange zest for a citrusy twist that balances out the depth of the coffee. 

The Coffee Pain au Chocolat is a great way to savor the coffee-chocolate pairing.

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
The Coffee Morning Buns are as flaky as can be!

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Not into sugary treats? Try the Coffee Sourdough Croissant (P125) or the Coffee Sourdough Bread (P295)—we know, coffee + bread isn’t the most instinctive pairing around, but the coffee adds a welcome depth that goes surprisingly well with the buttery and tangy qualities of the croissant and sourdough loaf, respectively.

Like it buttery? Go for the Coffee Sourdough Croissant.

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
Coffee + sourdough bread? Apero makes it work!


You can get these breads in-store, as well as for delivery. Either send a message to Apero through Instagram, or contact 0917-511-3475 through call or Viber.

Apero is a café and restaurant located in Corinthian Hills and is the sister restaurant of Duck and Buvette. They opened in 2016 and gained fame for their excellent breads and killer mains, among which is the Smoke Roasted Duck Porchetta.

Apero is at Corinthian Hills, Temple Drive, Quezon City. For delivery orders, send a message to Apero’s Instagram page or contact 0917-411-3475 through call or Viber. For more information, check out Apero’s Facebook page.

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