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Enzo Pineda’s congressman father said ‘Yes’ to deny ABS-CBN franchise renewal


Enzo Pineda’s congressman father said ‘Yes’ to deny ABS-CBN franchise renewal

ABS-CBN will continue to stay off-air after it failed to win the votes of the legislative franchise committee members to grant its application of a franchise renewal.

The votes resulted in an overwhelming affirmation after 70 members adopted the rejection while only 11 voted for the rejection’s dismissal.

Sadly, one of the members who denied the network’s franchise was the father of the Kapamilya star Enzo Pineda.

Enzo is a Star Magic talent of ABS-CBN and he has been with the network for roughly 4 years. This being said, many assumed that since he is a Kapamilya that his father will vote against the rejection of the franchise. However, this was not the case as Rep. Pineda otherwise showed that he was not in favor of granting the media a new 25-year license.

Previously on the talk show, ‘Magandang Buhay,’ Enzo admitted that his father was not aware of his showbiz career path, and he only informed his father of it when he became more famous.

Despite this, he still got the approval and support of his father Rep. Eric Pineda for as long as he will continue his studies.

Earlier in May, Enzo was very vocal in supporting his home network especially when the NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) issued a cease and desist order which halted its television and radio broadcasting operations. But as the hearings for the franchise began he suddenly went idle.

Many netizens, after knowing that Enzo’s father was one of the committee members who rejected the franchise, expressed their disappointment with the Kapamilya star. Stating that he could have persuaded his father and get his support, after all, they are family.

Enzo Pineda started in the showbiz industry when he auditioned in the fifth season of StarStruck back in 2009. He jump-started his career with the ABS-CBN in 2016 after he joined the Star Magic talent.

His father Eric Pineda is Senator Manny Pacquiao’s business manager and the party-list representative of 1PACMAN, a group that aims to represent sectors in the Philippines that are left in perpetual isolation by the government.


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