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Ex-housemate Alyssa Exala clarifies ‘Chisquiz,’ backstabbing issue

Ex-housemate Alyssa Exala clarifies ‘Chisquiz,’ backstabbing issue


Ex-housemate Alyssa Exala clarifies ‘Chisquiz,’ backstabbing issue

Alyssa Exala is the latest evictee on the reality TV show via ABS-CBN Pinoy Big Brother: Connect. On Valentine’s Day, she and another housemate, Gail Banawis got evicted after getting -1.26% and 7.42% of the total votes.

And with that, it’s time for Alyssa to answer the allegations that surrounded her during her stay in Kuya’s house through an exclusive interview with LionhearTV.

Alyssa became such a controversial housemate when viewers and Netizens called her a ‘backstabber’. This was after Kuya’s challenge called ‘Chisquiz’ where he played recordings of the conversations of the housemates.

During the game, Alyssa’s conversation with Ralph and Jie-Ann talking about Ella was heard. She denied that she said the statement and blamed Ralph for it. This caused the viewers to call her two-face. Now that she’s finally out, she gave her side of the story.

Apparently, the statement was only a snippet of the whole conversation between Alyssa, Ralph, and Jie-Ann.

According to the former housemate, she and Ralph said the same thing about another housemate, Ella.

“Ralph said very similar things. Obviously different words but along those lines. So I thought, siya ang nagsabi nun because the wording was very similar. And nagkatinginan kami ni Jie-Ann and we were like: Ralph said that right?” Alyssa said.

Since she was being mentioned in every statement, Alyssa got frustrated. Since Ralph also said the same thing, she blamed Ralph for it. Her reason is that it was not all of her words since it was a conversation and Ralph was definitely involved.

“I think it was the 9th or 8th statement. And at that point, they’ve said my name for every statement. So I was very frustrated. Kasi iniisip ko I’m not the only housemate. Parang hindi lang ako ang nagsasalita sa bahay ni Kuya.

“But they kept repeating my name for every statement. So at that point, I’m like Ralph just take it ‘coz this was a conversation,” she added.

With her being called a backstabber, through LionhearTV, she clarified that she’s not, that she’s too old to backstab someone.

“Parang na-ano ako sa sarili ko na I’m 27, backstabbing is so high school,” she said.

Moreover, she stressed that no one is ganging up on Ella. The viewers thought that they do, but they never did. She thinks that since the show focused on Jie-Ann, Andrea, and her–the audience thinks that they were talking behind Ella’s back. But the truth is, they were only talking about what happened during their day.

“No one was ganging up on anyone. Kasi I think nafo-focus lang yung show saming tatlo. Maybe me and Andrea ‘coz she was my closest housemate. Pag nagve-vent ako sa kanya and pag nagve-vent siya sakin, maybe it wasn’t backstabbing when we were literally just two friends having a conversation about our day,” she clarified.

Alyssa is sure that everyone had their moments, especially Ella, which was not caught on camera. Now that she’s in the outside world, she just wants to let people know that they are not conspiring against Ella.

“I’m sure Ella has her moments. I’m not saying na she’s a bad person. I’m just saying that everyone has their moments right? And gusto ko lang talaga sabihin was, no one was ganging up on Ella. Kasi yun yung naging talagang [issue] dito sa labas na sobrang kinakawa si Ella sa bahay. Which I know for a fact it’s not true. But people are gonna believe what they’re gonna believe anyway,” she said.

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