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Luis Manzano reveals that he once planned on breaking up with Jessy Mendiola

Luis Manzano reveals that he once planned on breaking up with Jessy Mendiola


Luis Manzano reveals that he once planned on breaking up with Jessy Mendiola

Kapamilya artist Luis Manzano revealed that there was a time in his relationship with Jessy Mendiola that he considered breaking up with the actress.

The actor-host made this revelation in Jessy’s YouTube vlog where she had her boyfriend Luis as her guest.

The video was titled as ‘HEART-TO-HEART TALK with the HOWHOWS [PART 2]’ wherein the couple asked each other questions that they’ve never asked before.

Along with the 30-minute video, Luis was asked if he ever considered breaking up with Jessy whenever they had a fight or an argument with each other.

Luis answered that he indeed had the thought but realized that it’s a normal thing for couples. He said that each partner in a relationship will always need the time and space to ponder alone but it does not mean that the couple would break up.

“Sure. Lahat naman tayo may mga matitinding away. It’s not always lambing. Umaabot naman tayo sa point na baka nga, you’re meant to be on separate paths. Not necessarily naman na different partners agad-agad,” he said.

“Things may be better for you individually if you go down different paths,” he added.

He also said that the crisis might be hard due to impatience, but it is bearable and can be overcome eventually. He explained that a person should always remind himself of the reason as to why he decided to be in a relationship in the first place.

“Nalalampasan naman iyon. Darating naman diyan ‘yong maikli talaga ‘yong pasensiya niyo,” Luis said.

“It’s okay to think of those things pero kailangan babalikan mo rin ‘yong thought kasi kung why you’re in a relationship,” he added.

In the same video, Luis asked Jessy, “Meron ba akong sinabi sa ‘yo na hindi mo pinaniwalaan or nagduda ka nang konti?”

Jessy answered that she may have doubted Luis in the past when he told her that he would marry her.

“Na papakasalan mo ako. Siyempre kase maraming mga detractors,” Jessy said.

“It’s more of like, dadating talaga sa point na, ‘Will it happen kaya? Totoo kaya ‘yong sinasabi niya,’” she added.

“Lahat naman tayo may trust issues din. Susuntok tayo kaunti ng doubts. It’s a normal thing,” she further explained.

The couple gave their own response to the question about when and how they started falling for each other.

Luis revealed that the reason why he fell in love with Jessy is that they complement each other.

“Para tayong Lego, we complement each other. Parang puzzle. Kung ano iyong pagkukulang ko bilang ako, napupunan mo iyon. And I’d also like to think that’s also the other way around,” he explained.

Jessy answered saying that she realized it when she felt the need to respond to Luis’ “I love you.”

“Na-realize ko na medyo nai-inl ove na ako sayo nung June. Naaalala ko habang nililigawan mo ako ‘I love you’ ka na ng ‘I love you’ sa akin, tapos ‘thank you’ lang ako ng ‘thank you’ sayo. June 25, 2016, na-realize ko na mahal kita ‘nung one of those times na sinabi mo na ‘I love you’, parang naramdaman ko na I wanted to say ‘I love you too’ back.”

They explained that their anniversary is on June 25 because that was the day when Jessy finally reciprocated Luis’ love for her.

The couple’s relationship has been full of ups and downs. They started at a rough patch as Jessy was bashed by netizens for supposedly stealing Luis from Angel Locsin.

“Baka expected ng basher you will admit to them na inagaw mo si Luis kay Angel before, para matahimik na sila sa pamba-bash sa inyo. Ang tao minsan, hindi satisfied sa mga ganyang sagot sa mga patutchada nila. Isang malaking sagot [ibigay] mo sa kanila at na sa tao na if maniniwala or hindi, pero in the end matatahimik na sila kasi may closure na, e,” the basher wrote.

Jessy then replied saying that: “Bakit ako aamin ng hindi totoo? ‘Yung mga basher, hindi nila alam ang totoong nangyari. Bakit ako aamin, para lang tumigil sila? Para lang matahimik sila?”

“Ang basher kahit ano’ng sabihin mo, hindi nila tatanggapin ‘yun. Ilang beses ko nang sinagot sa mga interview noon ang nangyari, pero naniwala ba sila? Hindi.”

“Kaya dapat ipasa-Diyos na lang ‘yan, nakikita naman niya ang lahat. Good vibes lang, let go mo na ‘yang issue na ‘yan. Happy na kaming lahat.”

Angel Locsin was Luis’ girlfriend before the two of them broke up in 2016 and Luis started pursuing Jessy Mendiola.

Luis and Jessy recently celebrated their 4th anniversary as a couple and they both posted about it in their Instagram accounts.

“4 years of ups, downs… and so much more! Happy 4th howhow ❤❤ @senorita_jessy” Luis wrote.

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Happy 4th anniversary. I love you.❤️

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“Happy 4th anniversary. I love you.❤ Jessy wrote.

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