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Netizens react to ECQ+ being extended for another week

Netizens react to ECQ+ being extended for another week


Netizens react to ECQ+ being extended for another week

The continuous rise of Covid cases in the Philippines has terrorized Filipinos. With its numbers far from dwindling, the Department of Health (DOH) on March 30 recommended that the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) be extended for another week.

But with ECQ potentially being extended, some netizens are not happy about it.

Content creator Marvin Fojas shared his feelings after the DOH opened the possibility of extending ECQ. Fojas wanted this year to end—for some reason—wished that it’s already 2022.

The election is just a year away. Is this what Fojas is aiming for?

But the comedian is not the only one feeling the same thing. Most netizens also felt that an election is needed to replace the ones handling this crisis.

A netizen likewise agreed with Fojas, wishing that it’s already 2022, as this year is likened to be a repeat of last year’s pandemic situation.

With another ECQ being implemented, and it being extended, a netizen is fed up with this déjà vu.

Most netizens were vexed by the situation not progressing. In fact, netizens are used to this pandemic cycle.

Another netizen took a swipe at Pres. Duterte who recently celebrated his 76th birthday. The exasperated netizen criticized the President for not offering concrete solutions to the pandemic.

With the government implementing the same strategy even if the virus has mutated, a netizen criticized its plan. According to the netizen, lockdowns are useless if the administration will not offer solutions to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Furthermore, the netizen stressed that the country will just return from scratch unless the government will do something about the pandemic.

Now that the DOH is recommending another week of ECQ, a netizen conceptualized that the lockdown will eventually cancel the 2022 elections.

A netizen, who is also disappointed with the Duterte administration condemned its incompetence. The netizen wrote, “Everything is not alright. ‘Pag si Duterte ang nakaupo.”

As of this writing, the Philippines has come atop the list of countries with the most number of cases in Southeast Asia.

A data accumulated last March 14, the think tank IBON Foundation presented a graph of countries in Southeast Asia regarding Covid-19 cases.

While most 9 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have shown a great reduction in the number of positive cases, the Philippines and Cambodia have failed to cut their numbers down. However, Cambodia had a steady trend from February to March while the Philippines went uphill.

The World Health Organization Western Pacific on March 16, tallied that the Philippines had the highest new infections in 24 hours with 5,395 cases. Also, the country is highest in the total number of cases with 626,893 on record.

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