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Sorbet Meets Ice Cream in This Cool Strawberry Dessert


Sorbet Meets Ice Cream in This Cool Strawberry Dessert

(SPOT.ph) Sure, you’ve had strawberries with cream or strawberries with chocolate—but it pays to think out of the box, and this new treat by Sebastian’s Ice Cream gives you a new way to enjoy the berries. Dubbed the Strawberry Heston Ice Cream (P135/scoop, P405/pint), it consists of a tart, fruity strawberry sorbet made with real fruit, swirled with a spiced nutmeg- and cinnamon-spiked ice cream, and garnished with candied walnuts. It’s available for takeout from Sebastian’s The Podium branch, but you can also order for delivery by sending a text or Viber message to 0977-715-1378. (As of writing, they don’t have the pints in stock yet, but you can preorder them now and get them in a few days’ time.)

Tart strawberry sorbet meets creamy nutmeg- and cinnamon-spiced ice cream in this special scoop.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Sebastian’s Ice Cream

This special flavor is inspired by Baguio’s Forest House, which used to serve a dessert of strawberries in spiced cream called Strawberry a la Heston. Sadly, Forest House recently announced it was permanently closing down. “Our head sorbetero made it a ritual to always have [the Strawberry a la Heston] dessert when he visited Baguio City,” Sebastian’s writes in a social media post. “Forest House may be gone, but their creation lives on in this very special ice cream.” True enough, this scoop gives you the flavors of Forest House’s signature dessert, as it features an all-comforting combo of strawberries and cream with an extra dimension from the spices, and a welcome crunch from the walnuts.

Sebastian’s successfully translates the kakanin into frozen dessert form with their Sapin-Sapin ice cream.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Don’t miss Sebastian’s other frozen creations. Their ice cream selection includes classic comforting variants like Cookie Dough (P135/scoop, P405/pint) and Chocoholics Anonymous (P135/scoop, P405/pint), as well as more one-of-a-kind scoops like the Sapin-Sapin (P135/scoop, P405/pint) and Green Mango & Bagoong (P135/scoop, P450/pint). They’ve also got chocolate-covered Dive Bars (P135) in flavors like Hazelnut Heaven and Cookies n’ Cream; ultra-refreshing Fruitsicles (P135) in Mango, Mixed Berry Hibiscus, and Strawberry; chewy, creamy Chilly Burgers (P140) in flavors like Cookie Dough Duo and Midnight Truffle; Leche Flan Torte (P145); and more.

The Chilly Burger is their take on an ice-cream sandwich.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Sebastian’s is a local artisanal ice-cream maker known for their wide range of ice creams and other frozen desserts.

Sebastian’s is at 4/F The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. For delivery orders, send a text or Viber message to 0977-715-1378. For more information, check out Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s Facebook page.

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