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These Are the Drool-Worthy Cakes to Give Mom This Mother’s Day


These Are the Drool-Worthy Cakes to Give Mom This Mother’s Day


(SPOT.ph) There are a couple of ways to express to Mom just how much you treasure her this coming Mother’s Day. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve material objects—but boy, does showing your appreciation become all the more sweet when it involves cake! A number of bakeshops and online sellers have thankfully come out with special cakes for Mother’s Day—the most drool-worthy of which we’ve listed here.

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Check out these lovely cakes that you can order for Mother’s Day:

Velvet Bloom Cake by Kumori

PHOTO BY Kumori Philippines

Japanese-style bakeshop Kumori’s going the floral route with their Velvet Bloom Cake (P799). It’s got a moist chocolate cake and smooth cream-cheese frosting, and comes adorned with purple and pink hydrangeas (note that these are not edible) that make it all the more elegant to look at! You can also get a bundle with the cake and one Pretty Withered Bouquet—a colorful bouquet of flowers that include hairfruit, rose, craspedia, hydrangeas, and more—for P1,990. You can pre-order through Kumori’s website or by sending a message to Pretty Withered on Instagram until May 1.

For orders, visit Kumori’s website or send a message to Pretty Withered on Instagram. For more information, check out Kumori Philippines’ Facebook page.

Throne for the Queen of Everything by Chef Kerri’s Baking Room

PHOTO BY Chef Kerri’s Baking Room

What better way to make Mom feel like royalty than with a cake that’s coated in 24K gold leaf and topped with a crown? Chef Kerri’s Baking Room‘s 24K Throne for the Queen of Everything (P4,800) is the one for you. Beyond its stunning exterior is a moist Belgian chocolate cake that Mom will totally love. To order, you can send a message to Chef Kerri’s Baking Room’s Facebook or Instagram page, or reach out to them via Viber.

For orders, send a message to Chef Kerri’s Baking Room’s Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also contact 0998-539-3850 via Viber.

Charlotte by Bizu


Bizu is known for their picturesque desserts, and the Charlotte (P1,795) is no exception. This returning Mother’s-Day favorite has layers of biscuit cuillere, blackberry mousse, and raspberry gelee—and for an extra-special touch, it’s topped with fresh berries, marshmallows, and macarons! They’ve got other Mother’s-Day desserts, too, like the Flower Potted Cakes (P999/set of four) and the sugar-free Marion (P1,995); you can pre-order them now through Bizu’s website, and they’ll be available from May 7 onwards.

For orders, visit Bizu’s website.

Strawberry Cream Cake by Wildflour

PHOTO BY Facebook/Wildflour Restaurant

Strawberries always hit the spot, but most especially for Mother’s Day! Wildflour highlights the said berries in the form of a creamy cake in the Strawberry Cream Cake (P2,900), which is made especially for the occassion and available only for a limited time. You can head over to their delivery website, Wildflour To-Go, to place your order.

For orders, visit Wildflour To-Go’s website.

Summer Orange Cake by Flour Pot

PHOTO BY Facebook/Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila

Looking to go beyond the usual chocolate or strawberry affair? You’ll want to check out Flour Pot’s Mother’s Day special, dubbed the Summer Orange Cake. It’s got an intriguing Mediterranean-leaning profile, with a light Valencia-orange flavored chiffon cake that’s brushed with a citrus-orange peel soak, a Moroccan orange blossom buttercream that’s got candied oranges folded in, walnuts for crunch, and even a splash of A L’Olivier lavender extra-virgin olive oil! You can get just the cake for P2,250, or get it with a floral arrangement (P2,750/basic, P3,500/premium) to go with it. Just send Flour Pot a message on Facebook or Instagram.

For orders, send a message to Flour Pot on Facebook or Instagram.

Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake by Fedici.ph

PHOTO BY Facebook/Fedici.ph

Online seller Fedici.ph is known for their pretty-as-can-be cheesecakes—and for Mother’s Day, they’re taking on chocolate with their Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake (P1,950)! Each six-by-four inch cake is topped with a crown of flowers, so you’ll definitely want to snap pictures. You can place your orders by sending them a message on Facebook or Instagram.

For orders, send a message to Fedici.ph on Facebook or Instagram.

Tres Leches Cake by Mary Grace

PHOTO BY Facebook/Mary Grace Cafe

Mary Grace Café introduced the Tres Leches Cake as a Mother’s Day special in 2017 and brought it back in 2018; this year, it’s making a comeback again—and with a twist! This year’s Tres Leches Cake has a light vanilla sponge, caramel filling, and an earl-grey infused milk sauce for a mild earthy, floral note. You can pre-order it for P1,888 through Mary Grace’s website until May 3, or catch it at their shops for P2,098.

For orders, visit Mary Grace Café’s website. For more information, check out Mary Grace Café’s Facebook page.

Aperitif Rosette Cake by Aperitif

PHOTO BY Facebook/Aperitif.ph

Beyond their winning chocolate-chip cookies, you can always count on Aperitif.ph to deliver gorgeous cakes with intricate designs. Among the specials they have in their Mother’s Day collection is the Aperitif Rosette Cake (P3,500)—a stunner that features vanilla and raspberry flavors, and has frosting that’s piped such that it resembles a bed of roses. You can pre-order now delivery May 5 onwards by sending them a message on Facebook or Instagram; other treats they’re selling for Mother’s Day include the Glass Fruit Cake (P3,450) and Heart Shaped Smashbox (P2,950).

For orders, send a message to Aperitif.ph on Facebook or Instagram.

Mother’s Day Tableya Cakes by Theo & Brom

PHOTO BY Theo & Brom

We’re huge fans of Theo & Brom’s Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake, which gets its dose of chocolate from tablea—and they recently came out with a special Mother’s Day variation of it that’ll be available for a limited time! It’s got Theo & Brom’s signature chocolate cake, frosted with an ivory buttercream base adorned with pink floral swirls. A plain tub is P1,299, but you can also go for the Mother’s Day Delight package (P2,999) which comes with two cakes, one pack of their Tableya Filipina Miniature Rounds, and a free jar of their Tableya Goo. Just head over to their website to place your order.

For orders, visit Theo & Brom’s website.

Lemon Drizzle Ice Cream Cake by Sebastian’s

PHOTO BY Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Ice-cream cakes are a great option if you can’t choose between a cool-and-creamy or fluffy-and-cakey bite. If you also happen to be looking for one that’s both rich and vibrant in flavor, you’ll be happy to know that Sebastian’s Ice Cream has come out with the Lemon Drizzle Ice Cream Cake (P1,650/whole, P155/slice) for Mother’s Day! This is their take on classic British lemon drizzle cake, and it’s got layers of yellow cake covered with a fresh-lemon glaze, rich Buttercream ice cream, almond slivers, a white-chocolate drizzle, and candied ginger for extra zestiness. If you prefer the more floral taste of calamansi, you can also go for the Calamansi Leche Flan Torte (P1,595/whole, P145/slice). These cakes will be available on May 9 (i.e., Mother’s Day!), but you can pre-order starting April 29 via their website.

For orders, visit Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s website.

Blushing Pink by Butternut Bakery

PHOTO BY Butternut Bakery

Got the hankering for red velvet? Go for Butternut Bakery’s limited-edition Blushing Pink cake (P1,600), a classic red velvet cake embellished with a pretty-pink frosting and flowers (note that these are not edible)! It’ll also come with one of two messages written on the cake: “Happy Mother’s Day!”, or “Love you, mom!”.

If it’s the deep-dark character of chocolate you seek you can get the Lilac Dream (P1,600), which is a single-origin chocolate decadence cake. Alternatively, there’s the Springtime Sage (P1,500) if you love mocha. These cakes will be available for pre-orders from 7 p.m. onwards today, April 28, and they’ll be available on May 8 and 9.

For orders, visit Butternut Bakery’s website.

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