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This Handy Digicam Is Perfect for Casual Video-Taking


This Handy Digicam Is Perfect for Casual Video-Taking

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) If you’re a lot like us, then one of the things the year 2020 (a.k.a. the year we all just want to Ctrl+z) made you realize was—as cheesy as it sounds—to appreciate what you have and celebrate simple moments so you won’t feel like you’re taking life for granted. Just in case one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to document everyday life so you don’t miss special moments, no matter how grand or how mundane, then you might want to consider investing in a camera that lets you take photos and videos effortlessly—and we found a great shooter that can do just that: the Sony ZV-1 is a handy digital camera that you can toss in your everyday bag without worrying about the added bulk weighing you down.

The Sony ZV-1’s compact size makes documenting everyday life hassle-free!


In mid-2020, Sony released the Sony ZV-1, which is a great camera for shutterbugs who want to capture scenes from everyday life and those who want to try their hand at casual videography. It even made it to our list of most exciting gadget releases of 2020! The digital camera is lightweight and compact, making it very portable so you can easily toss it in your everyday bag without the added bulk. Here’s what it looks like IRL:

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

The digital camera automatically adjusts your skintone to make it look healthy and vibrant, so you can start filming without having to worry about looking dull in front of the camera. Plus, it even has a Soft Skin Effect for a smoother, flawless look! Apart from those convenient features, the digicam is equipped with a hybrid autofocus system, which allows its lens to focus quickly on an object, face, or background. The feature comes in handy for fast-moving subjects when taking photos and eliminating awkward pauses when filming just to get it the camera focus!

It has a simple, non-intimidating design that’s intuitive, perfect for tech newbies.

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

What’s impressive about the Sony ZV-1 camera is that despite its compact size, it can record 4K videos, which means you can shoot ultra-crisp, high-quality video footage—perfect if you plan to edit your clips together to make a video diary, which is a great way to look back at all your memories.

The digital camera comes with a wind screen, which is essentially a mic cover that reduces wind noise. This lets you shoot audible videos even when it’s windy outdoors. It’s the ideal gadget for documenting your daily activities!

A look at the Sony ZV-1’s built-in lenses when in use.

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez
At the back, the Sony ZV-1 houses a touchscreen LCD display, allowing you to focus quickly on your subject with just a single tap on the screen. 

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

If you’re inclined to start a video diary where you film yourself in front of the camera while narrating, then you’ll love that the digicam has a vari-angle touch-screen LCD which you can flip, so you can easily see if your framing and your focus are correct.

The LCD screen is also adjustable and can be flipped in different angles. You can configure it for front-facing video shoots, allowing you to see your framing and fix the focus conveniently.

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

Just in case you’re a tech noob who doesn’t like to tinker with manual settings on the camera, the Sony ZV-1 has an Intelligent Auto setting that allows the camera to sense light, which basically makes it impossible for you to take overexposed or underexposed shots. In other words, it’s impossible to take bad shot using this setting—perfect if you’re in a hurry to shoot and don’t want to have to fix the settings every time when lighting situations change.

Pick the Intelligent Auto setting for a fool-proof shooting experience.

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

On the other hand, the Sony ZV-1 also has a customizable Manual Setting which lets you adjust the aperture and shutter speed manually, allowing you to capture your subjects exactly the way you want them to look. 

Shoot like a pro using the camera’s Manual Exposure setting. 

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

Finally, for those who love to shoot and post instantly, the Sony ZV-1 allows for transferring your photos and videos to your smartphone thanks to its WiFi connectivity. This means you can shoot professional-looking shots and post real-time with just a few taps on the camera and your phone!

A look at the Sony ZV-1 in use.

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

Overall, the Sony ZV-1 is an all-around camera that’s perfect for people who don’t want the bulk of DSLRs and the intimidating features of mirrorless cameras. Its lightweight and compact size, ability to shoot in 4K, fool-proof controls, user-friendly shooting settings, and touchscreen LCD display that can be flipped in various angles, make it worthy of an investment for 2021.

You can get the Sony ZV-1 for P42,999 online and at Sony stores and authorized retailers nationwide.

For more information, log on to Sony Philippines’ Facebook page.

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