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Top 12 Emerging Internet Sensations this 2020

Top 12 Emerging Internet Sensations this 2020


Top 12 Emerging Internet Sensations this 2020

This pandemic did some good by bringing out the best versions of some people. We know that being quarantined for months, without any actual plans from the government, have been hard for everyone.

Fortunately, we have some people to watch to relieve our stress and our anxiety and to make us laugh. LionhearTV has listed the Top 12 Internet Sensations to ever made us laugh this year.

No. 12 — Pipay Kipay

Pipay Kipay is a nineteen-year-old content creator who rose to fame because of her shady, yet funny political comments. She is known for the way she imitates celebrities’ poses. She also made the viral parody song “Talong ni Juswa” which showed her talent in acting, singing, and dancing.

She also has a channel on YouTube called PIPAY with 37.3k subscribers.

No. 11 — Lennie Envarga

Lennie Envarga is a TikTok celebrity with 4.6 million followers. The reason for her fame is her ‘kilig’ video with Miggy Santos and Gerald Tan.

She is also a YouTuber with 578K subscribers.

No. 10 — Christian Antolin

At no. 10 is Christian Antolin, a parody, spoof, and meme creator who is behind the viral prank call with his mom. In the said viral video, he told his mother that he’s now a member of the dance group, Sex Bomb Dancers.

He currently has 91.4K Subscribers on YouTube

No. 9 — Rose Vega

This internet celebrity became popular when she starred in season 4 of the show 90-Day Fiancé. She became popular with netizens due to her hilarious and unique reactions while being with her “fiancé”, Big Ed.

The single mom also has a YouTube account with 591K subscribers where she posts her daily vlogs.

No. 8 — Jhade Tadea

The fourteen-year-old star from Navotas gained famewhen she uploaded her photo which wowed netizens because of her resemblance to Nora Aunor, the Philippine showbiz’s “Superstar”.

No. 7 — Marvin Fojas

This pharmacist-turned-TikTok creator made rounds on the internet because of his funny, yet relatable skits. Marvin Fojas, 25 years old, realized that his passion is content creation. Fast forward to this day, he has now 1.6 million followers on Facebook and 4.4 million followers on TikTok.

No. 6 — Joyce Glorioso

This content creator rose to fame because of her unique dance covers. Recently, she became known internationally when she made a dance cover of WAP with none other than Cardi B. herself taking note of her performance. Way to go Joyce!

No. 5 — Ponytail Girls

Known for their parody music videos of K-pop songs, these Sulinao-based girls hit the gold when they made their own version of “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK. They currently have 234K followers on Facebook.

No. 4 — Arlene Arturato a.k.a. Leng

Arlene Arturato or as we know her by her nickname, Leng, is a TikTok user who became known when she made a dance cover of the song “Catriona” by Matthaios. With her moves, she made her way into the hearts of netizens making her our top 4.

No. 3 — Rhemuel Lunio a.k.a. DJ Loonyo

China-based choreographer Rhemuel Lunio became popular because of his hot TikTok dancing compilations. With his prowess in dancing and his undeniably good looks, it’s no wonder why many people love this guy.

No. 2 — Richo Bautista (Walang ganun mars!)

The person behind the hit video “Kapitbahay Serye”, Richo Bautista went viral after his skit on Facebook became popular. Bautista is a public school teacher who, at the same time, is a content creator. The reason why his “Kapitbahay Serye” became that popular is that the scenes and situations portrayed in the skit were actually based on real-life situations in his community.

No. 1 — Ericka Camata (Ms. Everything)

Popular for her low budget TikTok videos, Camata became such a buzz over the internet when she uploaded a video where she was heard saying, “How are you everything! How are you to find out?”. The 20-year-old happy pill effortlessly makes anyone who sees her video just smile because she’s oozing with humor.

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