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Two Filipina Athletes Take on the World Stage and the Result Is Meme-Worthy


Two Filipina Athletes Take on the World Stage and the Result Is Meme-Worthy

hidilyn diaz
PHOTO BY Twitter/@lakwatsarah

(SPOT.ph) Tokyo 2020 is a sports event of many firsts for the Philippines, especially for Filipina athletes. It’s the first time we have representatives for the women’s event in golf (Yuka Saso and Bianca Pagdanganan), our debut in the women’s street skateboarding event with seventh-place finisher Margielyn Didal, andof course—our first-ever Olympic medal through weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz‘s incredible performance. In the sidelines, we also have the first Asian woman and first Filipina elected to the International Olympic Committee Executive Board, Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski.

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And on Monday night, July 26, both Cojuangco and Diaz were on one stage representing the Philippine flag as the sports official gave the weightlifter her gold medal. Cojuangco is a gold medalist herself for the individual jumping equestrian event at the 2002 Asian Games in South Korea.


The historic moment also became a meme-worthy snapshot as people of the Internet made reference to Cojuangco’s 1996 movie titled DoReMi. The lyrics to the song “I Can” was picked up, specifically the lines “I can live, I can love”—where “live,” obviously, was changed to “lift” in a now-viral tweet by @lakwatsara. In case you were too young when the movie came out, DoReMi starred Donna Cruz (as Donnette Legaspi), Regine Velasquez (as Reggie Mendoza), and Cojuangco (as Mikki Tolentino). They’re part of the musical trio, DoReMi (from their names); and dream of making it big as singers.

@lakwatsarah’s tweet has earned more than 8,000 likes and almost 2,000 reposts since it was posted on Tuesday, 11:48 a.m. The reply thread is a gold mine, with other people just continuing the unforgettable song.

Here are the funniest replies to that Hidilyn Diaz – Mikee Cojuangco moment:

[twitter:https://twitter.com/88darklight88/status/1419877211864059909] [twitter:https://twitter.com/pripri_gosakto/status/1419910314024308736] [twitter:https://twitter.com/88darklight88/status/1419868586563174403] [twitter:https://twitter.com/lakwatsarah/status/1419913159125585928] [twitter:https://twitter.com/RomanoRomansa/status/1419905024893747203] [twitter:https://twitter.com/empoypoy/status/1419937879304941568] [twitter:https://twitter.com/nicoquejano/status/1419914088059084801]

If you want to sing along, here’s one with background music:


For more about DoReMi, here’s a relevant clip:

[twitter:https://twitter.com/pauloMDtweets/status/1397506629772275717] [ArticleReco:{“articles”:[“86888″,”86885″,”86880″,”86878”], “widget”:”Hot Stories You Might Have Missed”}]

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