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Run Fast and Free in the BN3TH Runner’s High Short


Run Fast and Free in the BN3TH Runner’s High Short

This article was produced in partnership with BN3TH

Too often, runners overlook underwear as a crucial piece of gear. For as hyped as the highest-performing sneakers are, a good pair of drawers is the foundation of your running kit. The wrong pair can make achieving that elusive runners’ high (or a PR) damn near impossible.

Think about it this way: The average man takes 1,288 steps to run an 8-minute mile. Each stride requires your thighs to slide past each other with no small amount of friction. How are you supposed to focus on picking up the pace if all you can think about is the chafing, rubbing, pinching, and jostling happening between your legs due to ill-fitting garments?
The more comfortable you are, the better you’ll perform, period. That’s why BN3TH wants to change how active guys think about their underwear.


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It’s All in the Pouch

From day one, the company’s MyPakage Pouch Technology was engineered for better comfort—a welcome reprieve from saggy cotton blends that trap heat and moisture.
Instead of compressing your junk—or allowing it to dangle a bit too freely—the three-dimensional pouch lifts and separates to provide proper support from every angle.

A piece of fabric at the crotch dubbed the Pucker Panel helps the pouch do its job by contouring your body, moving seams away from your goods. Translation: less chafing and irritation. You should feel supported but still able to move freely in any pair of BN3TH briefs, even if you’re just a desk jockey that day.

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BN3TH bakes that same MyPakage Pouch Technology (which was tested on Canadian Olympic snowboarders and pro hockey players) into sport-specific clothing, including the brand-new Runner’s High Short. This five-inch performance short has a two-in-one design to reduce friction in your nether regions during everything from sprints on the track to long runs on the trail—without sacrificing any support where you need it most.

There’s a boardshort feel to the outer shell, made from a lightweight stretch woven fabric, but it’s integrated into a shortened version of BN3TH’s Pro Ionic+ Boxer Brief (made from a polyester/spandex blend) so you get the same security, comfort, and compression. The breathable, moisture-wicking fabric fits close to the skin for a streamlined look and boasts flatlocked seams; without the normal overlay where fabric panels meet, you’ll contend with less bulk and less irritation near your most sensitive parts.

A slim Y-fold waistband—which sits flush against your skin and sops up extra moisture—helps keep everything where it belongs, so there’s no need for shifting and adjusting on the run, even when you add the extra weight of your phone to the fitted liner pocket.

BN3TH Runner's High Short
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And with perforations dotting the back of the shorts to allow more airflow and increased breathability, BN3TH’s Runner’s High Shorts were built for the sweatiest of summer runs (there’s even a T-shirt loop on the waistband for those days when keeping a shirt on is asking too much).

No one would even notice if you just crushed a double-digit run in baking heat and humidity before heading straight to brunch: IONIC+™ NO STINK Technology—using antimicrobial silver—is woven right into the fibers of the inside liner. The second you start sweating, that moisture activates positively charged ions that keep microbes from surviving on the surface of the shorts, stopping smells before they set in.

There’s no one piece of gear that can guarantee a runner’s high, but BN3TH’s Runner’s High Shorts come pretty close.


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