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Tell Those Beliefs To Stuff It

Tell Those Beliefs To Stuff It


Tell Those Beliefs To Stuff It

Tell Those Beliefs To Stuff It

That dang voice in your head is a LIAR.

Tell Those Beliefs To Stuff It pinterest thumbnailThat voice that tells you that you can’t, that you are not enough, that you are too old, that it’s too late, that things won’t work out for YOU, that you are somehow broken, genetically doomed, that you are some how a “label” of some sort… that voice is a LIAR.

Tell that voice to STUFF IT. It’s giving you a “false assumed truth” (FAT) and that’s the kind of F.A.T. that has no room in your life. When you starve those beliefs of attention they die. They go away.

But if you feed those limiting beliefs… if you pay attention to them… if you validate them … if you look for evidence to support then they will keep showing their ugly head and they will become your truth. This is WHY nothing seems to works out for you.


What do you do instead?

  • You stop validating those beliefs
  • You DECIDE your goal is happening
  • You DECLARE it is happening now.
  • You visualize what it is you actually WANT (stop talking about what you do not want you are just gushing that more attention!)
  • You look for others that BELIEVE in you, empower you and encourage you
  • You focus on what you WANT to create
  • You put your attention towards success
  • You put your energy towards the habits that create RESULTS
  • You listen to those who are achieving what you want
  • You ignore those false assumed truths

Tell those false assumed truths to STUFF IT. AND… When you feel like you’ve tried everything and want help with the ABOVE watch the LIVE video discussion replay here:

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Natalie Jill

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