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These Are the Most Popular Stationary Bikes on Amazon Right Now


These Are the Most Popular Stationary Bikes on Amazon Right Now

Now that the weather is getting warm out, we can finally enjoy working out in the sun. But sometimes the skies get cloudy and the rain starts to fall, keeping us inside. Or sometimes we just don’t feel like leaving the house. This is why we need some good workout equipment in the home. Equipment like a good ole stationary bike.

A stationary bike is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a bike that stays in place yet replicates the movements you need to go through to ride a bike. So if the weather or your mood is keeping you inside, you can still get a good cardio workout in. Which is pretty important if you’re looking to keep yourself fit.

Experts say you need about 30 minutes of moderate activity every day to maintain cardiovascular health. While plenty of us like to run, spin, or bike, it’s often hard to get to the gym or find the time to get outside each day. A stationary bike in your home can help you stay active and reach peak performance, because you can use it every day, on your terms.

Features of Stationary Bikes

Many of today’s stationary bikes are more than just a place to sit and spin; they’re high-tech workout tools. They can track progress, sync up with popular fitness apps, and some even offer video-enhanced rides and workouts to help you motivate. Some have dumbbell racks, so you can work your arms while you spin. And most have wheels on one end, so you can move them into place, then out of the way when your workout is done.

And here’s the best part: Plenty of research suggests that short intervals of high-intensity exercise offer (at least) the same benefits as a slow, steady workout. Hence the popularity of the regimens of HIIT and CrossFit. So a few minutes on a stationary bike can give you the same results as a long morning jog.

If you don’t have the time for a long ride or run, spend a few minutes on a stationary bike in your own home. You can knock out a workout in less than half an hour, and get on with your day knowing you did your cardiovascular health a favor.

Types of Stationary Bikes

There are a few different kinds of stationary bikes you can pick up. Nothing too wildly different, you’ll still get the same results. But it’s more about how they fit in your home. There are bikes that stay in place once they’re put together. But there are also bikes that can be folded up and stored away when they aren’t being used to help save some space in the home.

You can also choose the position of the bike. There are bikes with the normal upright positioning of a normal bike. But you can also get a recumbent bike, which is positioned lower to the ground which helps take the pressure off the joints so you can ride a little more comfortably while you go.

Average Price Range

The great thing about stationary bikes is that the price range is quite wide. If you don’t wanna spend too much money, you can get some pretty solid bikes for around the $200 to $500 range. They’ll get the job done but they won’t have the same level of craft nor have the high-end features that the more expensive models have. And if you want all that, then you want to pick up the bikes that go from $900 to anywhere around $2000.


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