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These Are The Different “Meatless Ulam” You Can Buy In Supermarkets Right Now


These Are The Different “Meatless Ulam” You Can Buy In Supermarkets Right Now

The reason why you’ve been seeing more vegan products in the grocery right now is because of the high demand for plant-based meat, especially during the pandemic. These plant-based options are said to be healthier than your regular meat since it lowers health risks. If you love eating pork, beef, and chicken, you can still enjoy the satisfaction of eating sisig, lechon, and fried chicken! 

If you want to hop on the plant-based trend, these are the different plant-based meat you can buy in the supermarket, both physically in stores and online:

Photo by Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is one of the most popular plant-based frozen meat brands in the industry. The product line includes burger patties, ground beef, and sausages are mostly made from pea, mung bean, faba bean, and brown rice, while the fat (that makes the meat juicy) comes from cocoa butter, coconut oil, and expeller-pressed canola oil.

Where to buy Beyond Meat in the Philippines: You can buy Beyond Meat from S&R Membership Shopping, the Prime Pacific Foods website, and the Wholemart website.


Naked Foods by Cinty

Most of the plant-based meat you can find would need some marinating or seasoning to give it flavor, but if you want to skip that step, go for Naked Foods. This is a homegrown brand that offers different plant-based products, like Filipino Sausage, Sweet Pork Bites, Italian Sausage, and Smoky Maple Bacon.

Where to buy Naked Foods by Cinty: You can buy Naked Foods at from Real Food’s branches at Bonifacio Global City and Molito, Alabang.

Photo by Prime Pacific Foods Corp.


Omnipork Luncheon (P280) was launched last year and this could easily satisfy your SPAM or MaLing cravings. The brand also carries other plant-based types of meat like the Omnipork Strips (P240). 

Where to buy Omnipork in the Philippines: The Omnipork Luncheon and the Omnipork Strips are available via the Prime Pacific Foods website and the Wholemart website.

Photo by Quorn


Quorn’s plant-based meat is mainly made of a meat substitute called mycoprotein, which is made by fermenting fungus for the mycoprotein to grow and be used in Quorn products. The brand has several plant-based products worth trying, like the Vegan Fishless Fingers (P260), Brilliant Burgers (P200), Swedish Style Balls (P220), Garlic & Herb Fillets (P260), 2-Quarter Pounders (P250), and the Meat-Free Nuggets (P153).

Where to buy Quorn in the Philippines: Quorn is available in local supermarkets, but you can also buy it online via Landers Superstore.

Photo by unMEAT


unMEAT is one of the newly launched plant-based meat brands, brought about the high demand for healthier food options. They have four different meat-free types of meat like the Nuggets (P120), Hungarian Sausages (P135), Minced Meat (P120), and Burger Patty (P135). 

Where to buy UnMEAT in the Philippines: unMEAT is available in local supermarkets. You can also buy this on Swift’s Lazada flagship store or Shopee

Photo by Facebook/Veega Meat-Free


Veega is a new line of plant-based meats from San Miguel Food Corporation. The Veega line includes meat-free Sausage (P120), Burger Patty (P99), Nuggets (P115), Giniling (P99), and Meatballs (P99).

Where to buy Veega in the Philippines: Veega is available in local supermarkets or online, via San Miguel Food’s Lazada flagship store or Shopee.

Photo by ECHOstore

Wonder Grounds

Wonder Grounds is plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, MSG-free, and it’s locally made! It’s available as Wonder Meat (P560), which you can grill to make your own plant-based burger, and as Wonder Grounds, which you can use as a substitute with any dish that uses ground meat.

Where to buy Wonder Grounds in the Philippines: You can buy Wonder Meat and Wonder Grounds via the ECHOstore website.



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