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Behold: Every Must-See Beauty Moment From 2021’s Met Gala


Behold: Every Must-See Beauty Moment From 2021’s Met Gala

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and for a bit longer than usual: 2021’s Met Gala. It might not be the first Monday of May when fashion’s most elite typically convene (the Costume Institute’s annual affair was canceled last year and postponed to this September due to COVID-19), but better late than never, and we’re anxiously anticipating how our favorite designers, models, and Hollywood stars interpret this year’s theme, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, on the red carpet.

Now, the attendees will be required to wear masks once they’re inside and the event is set to be comparably smaller and more intimate than years past, but there will still be a step and repeat happening on the iconic Met steps. And, most assuredly, lots of amazing fashion and beauty moments. Anyone who is familiar with the event will know that attendees pull out all the stops when it comes to what they wear, and a matching, dare we say, balls-to-the-wall hair and makeup aesthetic is more important for this red carpet than any other. We’re anticipating a true feast for the eyes and will be snapshotting each and every head-turning beauty look in real time below. Keep scrolling! 

So, we can’t actually see Kim Kardashian’s beauty look, but we do know it’s under there. 

Jenner’s aesthetic is sweet and pretty, complete with satiny pink lips, defined brows, and fluttery lashes.

We’re definitely sensing a Cher vibe here thanks to the singer’s ultra-long locks and ’70s-inspired purple eyeshadow. (Not to mention, lots and lots of mascara and lashes.)

We love the way Gigi Hadid’s powder blue shadow juxtaposes her warm, copper strands. 

Hunter Schafer is officially the most terrifyingly perfect human on the red carpet. 

It’s the barrel-rolled bangs for us. 

We’re smitten with everything Rita Ora’s selling: a dynamite manicure, a glittering hair comb, glossy skin and lips, a rosy flush swept from her cheeks to her temples…

If you saw Zoë Kravitz’s entire look, you’ll know her bare-skinned beauty vibe is actually a head-to-toe moment for her here.

Kate Hudson looks radiant thanks to a no-makeup makeup look aside from a light touch of lip gloss and a hint of pink-toned shadow.

The model and actress never disappoints on the Met Gala red carpet. We love the red against her bronzed skin and lips.

Eleven words I never thought I’d type: Jennifer Lopez is wearing a cowboy hat on the red carpet.

The model kept her makeup subtle, with just a hint of nude lipstick, the wispiest of falsies, and a healthy layer of liquid liner. 

Between her radiant skin, bright blonde curtain bangs, and perfectly flicked liner, we’re getting a major ’60s undercurrent from Sienna Miller’s Met Gala look.

Emily Blunt’s celestial accessories and glimmering makeup immediately call to mind Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr in Ziegfeld Girl circa 1941.

Gabrielle Union is basically wearing an upside-down ponytail, and honestly, we’re here for it.

It doesn’t get any more Americana than denim, right? The actress carried the fabric trend of her gown all the way up to her eyelids.

10/10 Medusa vibes, and we love it.

Can we just say, we’ve missed you, Lorde? In her true signature fashion, the singer kept her makeup and hair aesthetic barely-there minimal. 

We can always count on Cynthia Erivo to deliver the best manicure on the whole damn carpet. 

The singer’s rosy cheeks and emerald-dusted eyes are so dreamy.

We love the actress’s penchant for a bold, structural hair vibe. 

Addison Rae kept her Met Gala beauty look soft and warm; glossy pink lips, brow-grazing lashes, and a few healthy sweeps of bronzer and blush.

The model’s pin-straight middle part and slicked-back strands really emphasize her orange-y-red lip.

It’s all about the eyes (and waist-length hair!) for Zoey Deutch, her shimmering lilac lids are the perfect PIC to her gown. 

One look at Hensen’s natural curls and shining, technicolor eyelids, and all we can think about is Studio 54.

Ciara has had some of the most epic hair moments at the Met Gala, and this year’s gargantuan ponytail lives up to our expectations. 

Just when we start recovering from her VMA appearance last night, Megan Fox gives us bangs. We’re also feeling this dominatrix-esque braid she’s swinging.

With ’50s-era strands, fanned-out lashes, and a muted rose lip, the model proves that more isn’t always more. (Even at the Met Gala!) 

Iman arrived looking like the actual sun, so it’s not surprising her strands and skin impart the ultimate sun-kissed glow. 

Kim Petras really gave the term “ponytail” a whole new meaning at this year’s Met Gala. We’re equally captivated by the pastel wash of baby blue eye shadow across her lids and temples.

Now this is a look. Pink metallic coiled strands, chunky black liner, and some light pearl embossing (on the complexion, of course)? Grimes really delivers. 

With her piled-high updo as the focal point, the singer and actress keeps her makeup classic—a bold red lip brings it all together. 

What better way to enhance a glowing graphic eye than a champagne-toned pixie cut? Obsessed.

You’re going to notice a trend on this red carpet—glittering stones on the hair, face, and body. Here, Saweetie epitomizes it. 

Williams’s ultra-deep side part gives an extra punch of drama to her shimmering pink lids, glowing skin, and matte nude pout.

The actress is a vision in a wash of monochromatic makeup (that earthy rose color is everything) and a nod to Old Hollywood glamour.

And just like that, Barbie Ferreira has us impulse buying bright purple eye shadow. Swoon.

Is it just us, or do Eilish’s peachy complexion, bleach-blonde bob, and sultry liner job make her look like Marilyn Monroe incarnate?

We’re seeing red, red, and more red. Osaka opted for glimmering crimson hair accessories to amplify her scarlet lips and magenta-washed gaze.

Garner accented her striking platinum curls with icy highlighter and a cat eye that’s (literally) sparkling.

The actor is pretty much unrecognizable between her bleached brows, architectural updo, and burgundy pout. 

From her waist-length braid to a drizzle of head-to-toe crystals, the co-chair knows how to make an entrance. 

How do you take a quintessential ’60s beauty vibe and make it 2021, instead? Neon green eyeliner, of course. 

The gymnast accented her sporty Met Gala getup with lots of jewels and lots of sapphire eyeliner.

Diana Ross, is that you? Swathed in what looks like liquid gold, Palmer’s natural hair, winged-out shadow, and twinkling, gilded lids feel very disco era, and we’re very into it.  Next: The Breathtaking 2021 Met Gala Looks We’ll Be Talking About for Years