Home Life Travel Egypt is open for tourism with a PCR test required to enter: Latest Updates

Egypt is open for tourism with a PCR test required to enter: Latest Updates


Egypt is open for tourism with a PCR test required to enter: Latest Updates

Egypt is open for tourism to all countries from July 2020. Proof of a negative PCR test and health insurance is required.

Egypt’s decision to reopen for tourism has paid off. Many tourists have visited and many more are interested. The country is offering incentives such as discounted prices for intercity flights and touristic attractions’ tickets until the end of February.

Egypt Reopening Tourism – Latest Update

Pyramids in Egypt

February 19

Tourism in the country seems to be recovering slowly.  The government and tourism industry are working on different strategies to attract visitors. Just recently, they built a wall around the Red Sea beach resort to prevent violent groups’ attacks and protect tourists.

Vaccination progress 

Egypt started vaccinating its population on January 24. Last report (January 30) states 1,315 doses have been administered.

January 6

Egypt remains open to tourism and hopes for a recovery in 2021 and plans to resume most of its flights as soon as possible.

In 2020, Egypt received 3.5 million tourists which is a 70% drop compared to 13.1 million in 2019.

December 11

In view of some visitors have long-haul flights, the Egyptian government has decided that passengers arriving from Japan, China, Thailand, United States, South America, Canada, London Heathrow, Paris, and Frankfurt will be allowed to submit proof of a PCR negative test taken up to 96 hours prior to departure (instead of 72 hours).

Bear in mind that Egyptian authorities only accept hard copies of the test. Digital ones will be rejected.

November 17

Egypt has been keeping COVID infections rate very low and at the moment there are only 100-150 daily cases.

The local economy is quite dependent on tourism and the government has been trying to recover tourism with tourist free-visas and various discounts.

What countries can enter Egypt?

At the moment, visitors from all countries are allowed entry but with a proof of negative COVID-19 test. Double-check with your Embassy if you need a visa for Egypt. Countries who require a visa can obtain one through their official website

Can U.S. nationals visit Egypt?

Egypt is one of the countries open to U.S. citizens. However, there are some restrictions.

All Americans must get a visa. Visitors who overstay their visas may remain in the country for 14 additional days without incurring a fine.

Is It Safe to Visit Egypt During COVID-19?

Even though the situation in Egypt is safer than in July, CDC still doesn’t recommend traveling to Egypt and keeps warning LEVEL 4, (Very High Level of COVID-19). (Source: CDC.gov)

Egypt During the Pandemic

Egypt has done a remarkable job in limiting the impact of Covid-19. As of February 19, the country has reported 176,333 total cases and 10,201. One of the factors may be that Egypt has a much younger population than many other countries. Most of those 100 million Egyptians are under the age of 50, which means that they are less likely to develop symptoms of Covid-19.

Additionally, the government has sought to impose social distancing and basic PPE regulations from an early stage.

What to do in Egypt?

Egypt travel restrictions

People have been coming to Egypt since the dawn of recorded history. After all, even during the time of the ancient Greeks, the Pyramids of Giza were already ancient wonders.

Those who choose to visit Egypt during this time will have much of the country to themselves. Hotels are operating at 70%, while most restaurants and cafes are operating at 50%.

For those who have always wanted to go inside a Pyramid, now may well be the time. In the past, only around 300 people per day divided into smaller groups were allowed in.

Given that tourist numbers at Giza have dropped considerably, your chances to be granted access have increased dramatically.

That said, the Egyptian government is waiving a number of fees that normally add to the expense of visiting the country, like landing fees.

Additionally, a number of museums and antiquity sites have drastically cut their prices in an attempt to make visiting even more attractive to foreign tourists.

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