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Did You Know Oreo Mooncakes Exist?


Did You Know Oreo Mooncakes Exist?

This year’s mooncake festival (September 21, to be exact!) just got a little more creative and sweeter compared to your usual mooncake. Did you know that Oreo mooncakes existed? In fact, it’s been available for quite some time now but these are seasonal delicacies that are distributed in different parts of Asia (like China, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia) only as the mid-autumn festival draws near. 


Oreo Mooncakes come in four interesting flavors: Brownie Chocolate, Double Chocolate With Milk, Custard & Pineapple-Flavored Jam, and Strawberry Jam. Compared to traditional mooncakes which have a lotus seed paste filling, the Oreo Mooncakes are combined with a second filling of a different flavor. 

According to a review by 8 Days, the Brownie Chocolate has a chocolate paste with a lotus paste center, the Double Chocolate with Milk has a lotus seed paste with a chocolate paste center, the Custard & Pineapple-Flavored Jam has a lotus paste filling with watermelon seeds with pineapple jam in the center, while the Strawberry Jam flavor has a red lotus paste with strawberry jam in the center.

As of writing, these are not available in the Philippines. Hopefully, for the curious foodies, these will soon be available in the supermarket or online stores.