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How to Keep Pests Away From Your Stored Food


How to Keep Pests Away From Your Stored Food

Protect your stored Food from Pests

Keep Pests Away from Stored Food – Any untidy place is a festival for pests. Bugs and rodents are fascinated by food and water because they need it for survival. Pests can masticate through boxes or plastics. They can contaminate any food and leave filthy particles in your pantry drawers or in your food itself if not stored properly.

Pest prevention is a very essential part of food safety. This starts with awareness and consciousness. If the pests get into your food, it may cause food poisoning that can harm the person who’s not aware. Here are some tips to prevent pests from poisoning your food.

Keep Pests Away - Food containers

Keep Food in Tight Container

Chips, cereals, and cookies are some common food packages that people usually leave open without storing properly. Flies and other pests love getting into lightly packed or improperly stored food packages. If you open any food packs or cook food and have leftovers, you should store it properly in an airtight container like tupperware or jars with a tight seal. Tightly sealed containers prevent the pests from smelling the food and contaminating it.

Sealed Food containers

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Some people leave their dirty dishes in the sink for a couple of hours. We all know that pests love dirt and they live in standing water. Avoid piling dishes in the sink overnight especially leaving water in the sink. Keep it empty all the time and always clean all your food drawers and cabinets. You can buy or make your DIY pests traps for your kitchen to trap the gnats and prevent them from partying in your kitchen.

Keep Kitchen Clean

Use Garbage Bin with Lid

A lot of our food waste ends up in the garbage bin. Most of the people store their garbage bin under their sink and without a lid. It is important to invest in a garbage bin that has a tight lid. It is a good way to make it harder for pests to smell your trash bin and the food waste inside.

Garbage bins

Eat-in Dining

Pests can track down your crumbs and food particles. Eating snacks in your living room, bedroom, or other areas of the house, is more likely to invite pests. The dining area is created to eat your food there. That’s why you should make a habit to eat at the table. This way, you can easily clean up your food crumbs and avoid scattering food particles for pests to feast on throughout your home.

Clean up Food Spills Right Away

Spilled food attracts pests more quickly than you’d think. You should routinely clean up food spills because they love leftover food and crumbs. Even if you’re busy doing something, any accidental food spills should be cleaned right away and it’s also important to clean them thoroughly. It’s easy to invite pests into your home so make sure not to leave any residue.

Clean Food Spills

The key to prevent an invasion of pests is to always clean any food leftovers thoroughly. The kitchen is an area that needs to be cleaned and sanitized more often than other areas of the home because that is where most of our food is stored. Proper storage and sanitation is very essential to keep uninvited pests away.


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