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McDonald’s Twister Fries Will Be Back On The Menu


McDonald’s Twister Fries Will Be Back On The Menu

We know: fries are great, but who could ever say that Twister Fries aren’t a million times better? The return of McDonald’s famous Twister Fries are always a much-awaited event, and well, brace yourselves—we have confirmation that the time is coming very soon!

The McDonald’s Twister Fries will be available at all stores nationwide starting this month—September 15 to be exact!—and for a limited time only. It’ll be available in Regular and Sharing sizes (prices vary per store), so you can get your fix whether you’re on a solo Netflix binge or snacking away with the fam!

It’ll be available for takeout, drive-thru, and delivery—go ahead and pair it with your favorite burger and/or Chicken McDo plus your go-to drink. We especially love it with the Coke McFloat; dip ’em into the swirl of soft-serve and watch as savory and sweet worlds come together!

See a list of McDonald’s branches. For delivery orders, visit McDelivery’s website, download the McDelivery app for Android or iOS, or find McDonald’s on GrabFood and Foodpanda. For more information, check out McDonalds’ Facebook page.

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