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WATCH: How To Make Classic Bistek Recipe

WATCH: How To Make Classic Bistek Recipe


WATCH: How To Make Classic Bistek Recipe

One of the most well-loved Filipino beef dishes has to be the classic bistek. The localized name for “beef steak”, bistek is nothing like other beefsteak recipes you might find elsewhere. That’s because its marinade and seasoning are definitely Filipino.

There’s the calamansi juice, a local lime, that is used to not only tenderize the beef but also add a tangy citrus flavor to the dish. Its flavor is a cross between an orange and a lime. When still green, the calamansi has got a tart, sharp, and sour citrus flavor. When ripe, the inside flesh of the calamansi turns orange and makes the juice less tart but no less flavorful. 

This is a great flavor pairing with soy sauce. The salty umami-packed flavor from soy sauce becomes a great opposing flavor to the sourness of the calamansi. It is a great seasoning for beef without using salt. Together, the soy sauce and the calamansi is all you need to make the beefsteak dish irresistible. 

Finally, there are the onions. We used yellow onions for its mellow flavor when cooked. These are fried gently until just softened to develop the best tasting fried onion flavor. Plus, these don’t disintegrate as readily as other onions when simmered with the beef. 

Four main ingredients create a super delicious and flavorful beefsteak stew. Here’s the recipe so you can try this classic Filipino dish at home: 

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