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What To Buy From No Brand: Peach Tea Sachets, Purple Potato Chips, And More!


What To Buy From No Brand: Peach Tea Sachets, Purple Potato Chips, And More!

No Brand is a popular store chain in South Korea that recently made its way to our shores. It’s a place where you can find aisles upon aisles of Korean pantry staples, snacks, bottled beverages, and household items, too. 

If you’re new to shopping at No Brand, it can seem a little overwhelming trying to figure out what to add to your cart. Everything looks delicious and most of the items are affordable. How does one decide? Well, we can help you with that!

Check out these popular No Brand items:

Photo by Shopee

1 Peach Tea

Let’s start off the list with the most affordable item we could find on the shelves: No Brand’s Peach Tea! If you love iced fruity teas to pair with your favorite dishes or snacks, you should definitely give this a try. You can also opt for a more classic tea flavor by trying out the Lemon Tea.

No Brand’s Peach Tea and Lemon Tea costs P6/sachet.

Photo by Lazada

2 Citron Tea

Citron Tea is a bottle of citrusy fruit and honey you can dissolve in hot water. This is commonly used to soothe an irritating cough or if a person is feeling a little under the weather, but you can pretty much use it for whatever reason! You can even use it to add to your homemade cocktails! 

No Brand’s Citron Tea costs P477.25/bottle.

Photo by Shopee

3 Caldas Americano Black

Too lazy to make coffee? The fastest way you can get that caffeine fix is by stocking your refrigerator with No Brand’s Caldas Americano Black. This is a ready-to-drink sweetened Americano that comes in a huge plastic sachet with a spout.

Photo by Tester Korea

4 Gorgonzola Cheese Soft Corn

Love cheesy snacks? Add No Brand’s Gorgonzola Cheese Soft Corn to your snack stash! This is made with corn puffs (like popcorn) that are coated in gorgonzola cheese powder. 

No Brand’s Gorgonzola Cheese Soft Corn costs P89.50/pack.

Photo by Starry Mart Online Supermarket

5 Purple Sweet Potato Chips

No Brand’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips come in a canister, which resembles the name-brand version, Pringles. What makes these potato chips different is that it’s not overly salty and, obviously, it’s color purple!

No Brand’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips cost P67.50/canister.

Photo by Shopee

6 Jelly Belt (Strawberry Flavor)

Do you love sweet, tangy candies? If you do, you should try No Brand’s Jelly Belt in strawberry flavor. These are strawberry-flavored sour candy tape that’s coated in sweet sugar.

No Brand’s Jelly Belt (Strawberry flavor) costs P254.50.

Photo by MetroMart

7 Dumplings

No Brand has frozen goods, too! You can buy their dumplings if you want a quick meal. Just steam or pan-fry the dumplings, dip them in your favorite sauce, and serve it with a bowl of rice.

No Brand’s Dumplings cost P537.75/945 grams.

No Brand has branches located at Robinsons Place Galleria Ortigas, Robinsons Place Galleria South, Robinsons Place Magnolia, and Ayala Malls Circuit. You can also shop via MetroMart and GrabMart.



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