Ginger Kale Fried Rice


Ginger Kale Fried Rice

This ginger kale fried rice recipe is quick and easy to make, full of great flavor, and pan-fried until the rice is extra-crispy!

Ginger Kale Fried Rice

So we stocked our pantry with maybe a little too much rice during those early months of staying at home, back when everyone was forecasting shortages on pantry staples here in Barcelona.  And months later, lol, we’re still trying to make our way through it!  So my classic fried rice recipe has been on major repeat in our dinner rotation lately, made with whatever ingredients we happen to have on hand or seasonings that we are craving.  But this particular version ended up being so good that I had to pop in and share it as its own brand new recipe today…

…this ginger kale fried brown rice. ♡

It’s made with a short-grain brown rice, which I love using in fried rice because it’s extra chewy and flavorful, in addition to lending some extra nutrition benefits.  The rice is then fried until it’s extra crispy (see tips below!), and tossed with green onions, garlic, peas, eggs and my favorite fried rice seasonings.  One batch of this recipe also packs in an entire bunch of fresh kale (curly or lacinato, you choose), which softens and mixes just perfectly with the rice.  And best of all, the rice is seasoned with lots and lots of fresh ginger, which I think makes it downright irresistible.

Of course, fried rice is always an incredibly versatile recipe when it comes to ingredient add-ins and swaps.  So if you want to maybe add in some extra protein (chicken, shrimp or crispy tofu would be great), some extra veggies (I was thiiiis close to photographing this with some shiitakes, which I still think would be a delicious idea), or spice it up by mixing in some sriracha (yum)…go for it.  I’ve also included options below for how to make this recipe gluten-free or vegan.  So you do you!

And let’s make some fried rice!