Sugar Cookie Bars


Sugar Cookie Bars

Sugar Cookie Bars – the easiest way to make sugar cookies! They’re super soft and fluffy, unbelievably tender (think delicate and cake-like) and they have an irresistible sweet and buttery flavor.

Close up image of sugar cookie bar decorated with pink frosting and sprinkles. It is being scooped up with a serving spatula.

Sugar Cookie Bars

Haven’t we all loved frosted sugar cookies as long as we can remember? People of all ages can never resist these things.

They are the perfect thing to make for a party or even a birthday. Or really just any day of the year because they are always a highlight to what could have otherwise been a bland an boring day (just plan on sharing, they’re dangerously addictive!).

Here you get sugar cookies with a melt-in-your-mouth Lofthouse style texture, in super easy to make bar form! No chilling, no cutting and no shaping here. Just mix, spread and bake.

All the deliciousness of sugar cookies, without all the extra work!

Sugar cookie bars shown cut and laying on parchment paper.

I shared a recipe many years back for these, but I’ve realized over the years I wasn’t using enough butter. More butter equals more flavor, more moisture and an even more tender cookie bar (along with a little bit of cornstarch).

Sure the recipe says it makes 24 bars but I would definitely plan on 2 per person, these are simply too tempting!


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