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‘Health tech to thrive post-Covid’


‘Health tech to thrive post-Covid’

Philippine technology firms are urged to take advantage of the expected growth of health technology after the coronavirus pandemic, according to an official from the Global Entrepreneurship Network Indonesia.

“Because of the pandemic, what are the top sectors that will grow rapidly after this? I personally think about health technology, because more and more people are aware of how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. So a health check is very important,” said Ivan Sandjaja, managing director at Global Entrepreneurship Network Indonesia and Chamber of Commerce Indonesia during the “Building Startup Ecosystem in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities” webinar.

“You can talk about medical devices to check everything. [This will] help people live better and easier,” he added.

But Sandjaja advised those who want to be tech entrepreneurs to identify social problems and help solve these with technology-based solutions.

“In order for you to be successful as a tech entrepreneur, you don’t need to be a tech expert yourself. What’s important is you have to understand what the problem in the society is first and how you can actually help solve the problem,” he said.

“In order to find a solution you have to use technology. you always have friends and colleagues, or mentors to ask to develop suitable technology-based solutions,” he added.
According to the Indonesian official, those interested to be tech entrepreneurs must also make sure they have the suitable entry mindset and character.

“Oftentimes, you need to go back and really reflect on your readiness whether you are entrepreneurial or not. As an entrepreneur, you can work for a company, government, social organizations, but your mindset is entrepreneurial, which means you are habitually creative,” Sandjaja said.

“Innovation is not always about changing product features, innovation can also mean changing the way of life that you can actually initiate,” he added.