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New Biliran PENRO gets support for tree planting program 


New Biliran PENRO gets support for tree planting program 

NAVAL, Biliran, Feb 23 (PIA) –In her first radio appearance at PIA Biliran’s radio program Pulong-Pulong ng Bayan at Radyo Natin-Naval, on February 11, Dr. Eugenia Bautista, the new provincial environment and natural resources officer (PENRO)of DENR-Biliran, has shown her passion for planting trees as a way of protecting Mother Earth.

Like a caring mother to a family, the new lady chief of the DENR in Biliran province espoused nurturing the environment through the planting of trees.

Bautista said that she was happy for the support of the provincial government through Governor Rogelio J. Espina and some of the few municipal mayors to the tree planting program of PENRO Biliran.

She said she was happy that very first day she met the governor as they discussed tree planting coordination with the governor’s office and other agencies, including the scheduling of tree planting and the request for tree planting materials.

She suggested that indigenous species like Yakal, Tanguile, and other indigenous species and not the exotic ones will be propagated in the province, as they are adaptive to climate change.

“Trees have a big contribution to climate change,” Bautista said implying that not only do they help in preserving the environment, but it also provides livelihood and sources of income.

She added that people can also plant non-wood species like bamboo, plants that are drought-resistant, or even in their backyard like kamalungay, for domestic consumption and business too.

The motherly Biliran PENRO also encouraged those who are planting trees to return to the planting site, nurture, and care for the planting material to grow.

She also taught how to plant properly like putting the topsoil back to the excavated hole intended for planting to retain the fertility of the soil and even talk to the planted tree materials like rearing a baby to grow.

PERNO Biliran employees are now in the practice of planting the seeds for every fruit eaten from a fruit-bearing tree as a way to raise more fruit tree seedlings as tree planting materials, she added.

The DENR provincial office also encouraged that a MOA be entered into between DENR and parties undertaking tree planting activities to ensure the growth and sustainability of the tree planting program. (nbq/rsv/PIA Biliran)