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‘Security a priority as firms shift to teleworking’


‘Security a priority as firms shift to teleworking’

Security has become a priority for companies as they move to a “teleworking” environment amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a cybersecurity company official.

Fortinet Philippines Country Manager Louie Castañeda

During The Manila Times Digital Transformation: Innovating and Adapting amid Challenges online forum on Thursday, Fortinet Philippines Country Manager Louie Castañeda said prioritizing security was something “companies need to take a look at.”

He advised firms to consider several key factors when looking at digital transformation, noting that this change requires investments and their infrastructure to evolve.

“They would also need to consider automating a lot of their operational processes to make
them more efficient. This includes being able to respond to security breaches and network issues as quickly as you can,” Castañeda said.

He also listed some security challenges for remote working at scale, including considering endpoint protection as help desk, access control and cloud security.

Endpoint protection is a concern as a help desk is no longer nearby and, at the same time, the security posture is challenged.

Access control poses a challenge because there has been a blur in the boundary between work and life by using the same devices for both work and personal use.

And cloud security is an issue as more people are demanding if they could access their cloud assets and applications directly from their remote sites.

According to Castañeda, prerequisites for an effective teleworking solution include usability, devices for users, easy management and remote support.

Headquartered in California, Fortinet prides itself in ranking first in having the most security appliances shipped worldwide.


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