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Tuffin tallies 14 yet Taranaki tanks


Tuffin tallies 14 yet Taranaki tanks

FAR Eastern University player Ken Tuffin tallied 14 points, but Taranaki Mountainairs still lost by a wide margin to Canterbury Rams, 101-112, on Saturday in the 2020 Sal’s National Basketball League (NBL) Showdown at the Trusts Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.

Tuffin, a 6’5” Filipino-Kiwi forward, delivered seven points in the fourth period and grabbed six rebounds in 24 minutes of action as a starter for Taranaki.

Derone Raukawa scattered 25 points and Marcel Jones racked 19 points and grabbed 14 rebounds for the Mountainairs.

After three matches, it was Taranaki’s first loss .

To keep Canterbury undefeated in three games, Taylor Britt scored 30 points along with 10 rebounds and nine assists.

Game scores and statistics were based on the updated New Zealand NBL FIBA LiveStats.


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