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Why a Revolutionary Government?


Why a Revolutionary Government?

Our country had twice undergone a revolution in the 18th century and 19th century, all in the pursuit for freedom and better life. Our people succeeded triumphantly.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is a man of honesty and integrity. His amount of political will is tremendous which cannot be swayed by friendship and political patronage. His vision for our country is greatness and comfortable life for everyone. He is unstoppable when it comes to the socio-economic welfare and political well-being of our people. He is an epitome of change in our time.

His Excellency Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the President of Republic of the Philippines, ran in 2016 with the following advocacies: War against illegal drugs, against corruption, against criminality, against insurgency, against poverty and most of all, the establishment of a new order, a new system of governments. His battle cry is federalism, Charlie Gaddi, said.

Our political culture of buying votes, our politics of money and patronage, not politics of ideas and performance, have eroded our democratic principles and moral values; our culture of corruption by glorifying those involved in stealing the money of the people had rendered our country underdeveloped and our people begging for assistance; our culture of giggling at the misfortune and hardship of another makes as godless; our culture of dependence with others reduced us as slaves of others; our culture of indifference over the mistakes and wrongdoings of another makes us as mere onlookers of our moral degradation; our culture of indecision and inaction without grease has trampled upon our justice system to the highest level; and our culture of colonial mentality has compromised our independence and sovereignty. These cultures must go and end, Abner Malabanan, stressed.

In 2015, illegal drug has already infected almost all the 42,046 barangays in the whole Archipelago — close to rendering our country a Narco State, and the victims are unfortunately the Filipino Youth, “the Hope of the Fatherland” as declared by Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero. “Kaawaawa ang Kabataang Pilipino, ang ating mga anak, ang ating mga apo” and the next generations to come.

The President on the day he assumed office, waged his war against illegal drugs, and today, the government has cleared 15,000 barangays, more or less, as drug free, leaving 27,000 barangays, more or less, that are still struggling against this social menace which gradually destroy the future of the Filipino Youth and the Filipino People themselves. The apparatus of illegal drugs must therefore be crushed and its proliferation must be stopped by giving extraordinary powers to the President through a Revolutionary Government.

The President in his incessant desire to make our government corruption free, has severed the services of erring members of the cabinet, Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Commissioners, Heads of Offices and Agencies, staff and regional directors, including men and women in uniform, but the culture of corruption continues and still persists in the government service.

We are losing hundreds of billions of pesos due to corruption affecting, as it does, the delivery of basic services to our people, most particularly, the poor whom we have to render service to our utmost. Galit po ang ating Pangulo sa kulturang ito. Aniya, “Kaawaawa naman ang mga maralitang Pilipino, ang mga kabataan, ang mga mangagawa, ang mga magsasaka, ang mga mangingisda, ang mga may kapansanan at matatanda, na dahil sa katiwalian ay nagkukulang ang serbisyo at mga benepisyo para sa kanila. Tulungan po natin ang mahal nating Pangulo na mapuksa nang buo ang suliraning ito” with extra ordinary powers.

In 2015, our country ranked 95 among 168 countries based on the Annual Corruption perception index of global Anti-graft Watchdog Transparency International. The same organization reported that in 2019, our country ranked 113 as less corrupt nation out of 180 countries. This reduction is due to the intensive and clad-iron campaign of the President which must be sustained through a Revolutionary Government, Gerardo Lope “Gerry” Calling, noted.

The crime incidence is down by 79,647 or 14.02% covering the period from 2017 to 2018. This figure is further down by 2.91% in 2019. This is due to the relentless law enforcement campaign of the government that ensures the safety and security of our people.

The crime incidence in our country today is largely attributed to illegal drugs and the poverty of the significant portion of our population that the President is addressing since the time he assumed office. Undeniably, the Filipino propensity of taking the life of another to display machoism is condemnable; robbing once property is immoral and illegal, and, placing the law in one’s hand due to slow wheel of justice is another culture that must cease to persist, sabi ni Susan Villar.

The centuries-old insurgency caused by the issue of social injustice committed against the poor, the impoverished and marginalized since the colonial era is causing the loss of the precious lives of our soldiers and policemen and the lives of the combatants against the government forces who are all Filipinos, is no longer bearable and should not be allowed to continue. Towards this end, the President is doing everything to put an end to the problem by promoting national reconciliation and peace talks that is characterized by all sincerity, honor and patriotism. In the meanwhile, he is giving lands, shelters and means of livelihood, education and other social services to those who voluntarily return to the folds of law.

The President war against poverty is unprecedented. He is giving lands to the landless with support services under the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR); providing free irrigation to our farmers, farm to market road , and other technical and financial support to the farmers and the fisherfolks under the Department of Agriculture (DA); extending technical and financial assistance to entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises, putting up economic zones and developing business ventures anywhere and everywhere in the country wherever appropriate and feasible under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI); implementing a massive infrastructure projects and programs in land, sea and air under the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) together; providing easy access to information and communication under the Department of Information and Communication Technology(DICT); providing free college education under the Commission of Higher Education (CHED); providing free technical vocational education and skills training under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA); creating jobs and means of livelihood under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE); providing independent foreign policy under the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). All these projects and programs can only be sustained by giving extraordinary powers to the President through a Revolutionary Government, Edwin Barbudo, reported.

As of July 8, 2020, Covid-19 has already crossed Three Hundred Eighty-Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty-Five (389,725) infected persons with Three Hundred Forty-Nine Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Three (349,543) recoveries and more than Seven Thousand Four Hundred Nine (7,409) deaths, which could have been higher if not of the timely imposition of lockdown and community quarantine. The virus might persist even at the end of 2020 and perhaps beyond. During such period, the President needs extraordinary powers to defeat the virus, which powers are not easy to come owing to the slow pace of legislations brought about by political intramurals and divisiveness. “Ang sabi nila aanuhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo.” Kulang ang pinoy ng malasakit sa kapwa, sabi ni Abner Malabanan.

To our dismay that majority of our people could hardly observe simple protocols to avoid the transmission of Covid-19. This is due to lack of discipline. What happened to the SAP selection of beneficiaries and the distribution of financial assistance is nothing but a clear manifestation of our lack of discipline. “Ang sabi nila disiplina ang kailangan upang mapayapa, maayos at maunlad ang ating pamumuhay.”

The most important campaign commitment of the President in 2016 is the establishment of new political order, which will lead to a new form of government thru charter change that is suitable to the political temperament of our people as Maharlikans. In the fulfillment of this commitment, the President created a Constitutional Committee which drafted the Bayanihan Constitution which have been pending in Congress for consideration but Congress as a whole deliberately fails us, ang taong bayan, Dick Acraman, noted.

Equally important is the looming water shortage which is real. As of today, almost One Thousand (1,000) municipalities and more than Twenty-Five Thousand (25,000) barangays don’t have water works system. This can only be addressed by giving the President extraordinary powers through a Revolutionary Government.

Similarly, climate change, with which every Filipino has to adapt, must be addressed effectively and efficiently. The erosion of our mountains due to irresponsible mining and the destruction of our forests due to illegal logging must be stopped. Settling climate change which triggers earthquakes, storms, tsunami, volcanic eruption, drought, and other natural and man-made calamities, must be given the highest preferential attention that it requires. This can be done by giving the President extraordinary powers through a Revolutionary Government.

These seven (7) point national issues and concerns such as illegal drug, corruption, criminality, insurgency, poverty, water crisis, environmental crisis can ultimately be resolved starting with a Revolutionary Government and finally with a charter change. Unfortunately, we lost all other options.

The MRRD-NECC, a National Organization that supported the President in 2016 Presidential election so demand that the President leaves His office only after he has succeeded in his war against illegal drugs, corruption, criminality, insurgency, poverty including his solutions to the looming water shortage and environmental crisis, and finally until he has delivered his commitment for federalism.

We further urge the Filipino people to join us in pursuing a peaceful, armed-less and non-violent cultural revolution via the establishment of a Revolutionary Government for a period until June 30, 2022.

Furthermore, we are urging the President to head the Revolutionary Government with cabinet members of his choice and with the present Congress.

The Revolutionary Government is a transition government from a Presidential Unitary Form of Government to Federal form of Government with Presidential and Parliamentary Features sabi ni Marichu Arabejo.

Why a Federal Form of Government with Presidential and Parliamentary Features, a national necessity?

Prior to the 1898 Malolos Constitution, our country for the longest time had been governed by unwritten Constitutions. The 1935 Constitution, an American Inspired Constitution and the 1943 Constitution, a Japanese sponsored Constitution, imposed on our people during the period of colonization. The 1973 Constitution was mainly adopted to address the insurgency problem, to provide social services to the people, to connect the islands with each other, and to establish a New Society, and the 1987 Constitution was to restore freedom and obliterate the vestiges of the Martial Law regime.

All these Constitutions failed to regain the lost glory of our nation and to reclaim the greatness of our people before the colonial era. What these Constitutions brought about are vivid memories of colonialism, of slavery and dominance, and the insidious wiles of power and wealth which are the most baneful foes of those who seek the country to the greater height of success.

The 1973 and 1987 Constitution though written by full-blooded citizens of our country, were tainted with dirty blood, the blood of persecution and political vendetta of our leaders against each other. These Constitutions divided our people and instilled into our minds the culture of hatred and vengeance, instead of love of country and love for our fellowmen, disunity than unity and solidarity.

No other time in our life more worthy than now to adopt a new Constitution, which we may call ours, without the dictate of foreign powers, a Constitution that is devoid of vengeance and hatred, but all for the love of our country and people particularly the youth for whose welfare and better future are our reasons for living. The future no longer belongs to us, but belongs to the youth. Atty. Manggay Guro, Jr. said.

We need to suit the political temperament of our people with a Constitution that is rare and – where the President and Vice President are elected in tandem, where the Vice President is the Presiding Officer of the National Assembly, where the President is the head of the State and the Prime Minister who is chosen from among the members of the National Assembly as the head of the government, where the 17 Regions of our country become Federal States, “para sila ay pantay pantay at sabay-sabay na umunlad, and” where speedy dispensation of justice can be expected, no less.

The people have been demanding for a Constitution where the Government is stronger and capable of holding the nation together and where the States are self-sufficient and self-reliant.

The clamor for having a new Constitution that would depart from the 1987 Constitution is huge and popular, which Constitution shall decentralize the over centralized powers of the national government, a Constitution that assures to all Federal States a balance of economic growth and progress, Bong Alonto, noted.

Change is the most viable strategy to eradicate illegal drugs, co¬¬rruption, criminality, insurgency and poverty, and which will bring the government closer to the people.

In the name of the Almighty God, and in the name of the Filipino People and our children and the next generations to come, we are appealing to our people to join us in this national crusade of adopting a new Constitution that is truly and genuinely ours, a Constitution embodying our ideals as people, our roadmap to greatness and economic prosperity for all of us, a Constitution that unite us as a nation.

“Ang Pederalismo ay pagbibigay ng kapangyarihan sa mamayan, sa Pederalismo, mabilis ang daloy ng serbisyo at benepisyo sa mamayan. Ganon din kabilis ang pag unlad ng bawat estado, bawat laalwigan, bawat lungsod, bawat bayan at bawan barangay. Sa Pederalismo, tuluyan ng mawawala ang bawal na gamot, katawalian, kriminalidad, insurhensiya at kahirapan. Maging maayos at mapayapa ang ating lipunan. The civilian authority is at all times supreme over the military. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them. The military is the protector of the people.”