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A few Roombas are on sale way ahead of Black Friday


A few Roombas are on sale way ahead of Black Friday

The best pre-Black Friday Roomba deals as of Oct. 18:

Whether your cleaning complaints are about having to vacuum at all or just about the clumsy vacuum you own, Black Friday is a great time to upgrade to a Roomba.

It’s hard to say whether the Roomba j7 or j7+ will go on sale for Black Friday — they were just released in Sept. 2021. But their mere existence will likely mean discounts on their still-great predecessors. We wouldn’t be surprised if the D-shaped s9+ dropped below $999 (its price from last year) or if the i3 drops under the $300 mark to beat out some Roomba 600 series models, which iRobot seems to be phasing out.

At any rate, the convenience of automatic emptying will be more affordable than ever before.

Roomba i7

Let a Roomba do the vacuuming for you.
Credit: iRobot

If you need that automated cleaning before gathering with guests for the holiday, there are a few ways to snag a deal early. A few Roombas are currently discounted (including the i3 at its Black Friday price from last year), as well as a pretty big list of live deals from brands like Roborock and Ecovacs. Walmart and Best Buy have already announced early Black Friday plans with deals already starting.

Here are the best Roomba deals live as of Oct. 18:

iRobot Roomba i3 — $349 (save $50.99)

🚨Black Friday 2020 price alert🚨

Roomba shopping on a budget? Consider dropping $100-ish more on the Roomba i3 than iRobot’s true cheapest options. The i3 delivers 10 times the suction of the 600-level Roombas, navigates with smarter sensors, and can upgrade to a self-emptying charging dock if you feel like getting even more hands-off later on. (That’s when the “+” gets added to the title.)

Roomba í3

Credit: iRobot

iRobot Roomba i4+ with Automatic Dirt Disposal — $573.99 (save $76)

The Roomba i4+ (a former Costco exclusive) is one of the most affordable Roomba and automatic dirt disposal station combo available. For less than $40 more than the i3+, the i4+ has a 20% larger battery and gets 100 minutes of run time. After cleaning your home in neat, mapped rows while altering suction for carpets versus hard floors, the i4+ returns home to empty its dustbin.

Roomba i4+

Credit: iRobot

More Roomba deals live before Black Friday:

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