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Amazon’s first-ever Pet Day sale means deals on pet toys, tech, and more


Amazon’s first-ever Pet Day sale means deals on pet toys, tech, and more

two cats playing in and around an amazon box on a blue patterned rug

TL;DR: Amazon’s first-ever Pet Day sale runs through 11:59 p.m. PT on May 2 — here’s an overview of the best deals:

You probably don’t need an excuse to spoil your furry/feathered/finned friend with some new gear, but the inaugural Amazon Pet Day sale makes a pretty good one.

The retail giant is kicking off National Pet Month with a massive savings event on pet care, pet-related tech, toys, and treats, which lasts all day Monday, May 2 (until 11:59 p.m. PT).

“Whether owners want treats for their sweet pup, need a camera to keep an eye on their furry friend, or recently welcomed a pet into their home and need extra cleaning supplies, Amazon Pet Day has them covered,” said the press release.

It’s not officially being advertised as a “Prime Day for pets,” but that’s basically what it is: You’ve got limited-time Lightning Deals, Prime Early Access offers that members can shop 30 minutes before of everyone else, and special subscriber-only deals on pet movie purchases and rentals through Prime Video. Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card holders will also score 10% cash back on any pet product purchase.

You can peruse the entire Pet Day sale here, or simply keep scrolling to check out the highlights:

eufy Pet Dog Camera — save 15%

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An excellent Furbo dupe, this panning, treat-tossing pet camera features 170-degree HD lens with night vision, two-way audio, and motion tracking technology that keeps your pooch in the frame at all times. With local storage and activity notifications that get sent directly to your smartphone, it’s like a sitter that’s on-call 24/7. Amazon has it listed for $169.99, which is $30 off its suggested retail price of $199.99 (and $10 away from its all-time low).

a person holding a smartphone displaying a photo of a dog in front of a eufy pet dog camera

Credit: eufy
eufy Pet Dog Camera

$169.99 on Amazon (save $30)

Bissell Barkbath Dual Use — save 20%

Read our full review of the Bissell BarkBath Dual Use.

This Mashable’s Choice Award-winning wet vac works on your couch and your dog (because when one is dirty, the other usually is, too). It comes with swappable spray nozzles and grooming clips that work on different fur types and lengths, plus a microfiber towel for cleaning faces and paws. It normally sells for $199.99, but you can snag it on sale for just $159.99 (a 20% savings).

the bissell barkbath dual use

Credit: Bissell
Bissell Barkbath Dual Use

$159.99 on Amazon (save $40)

Bissell SpinWave 2-in-1 Robotic Mop and Vacuum — save 35%

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Sporting spinning fibercloth attachments and soft surface avoidance sensors that keeps it away from rugs while it’s mopping, the Bissell SpinWave is another fantastic dual-use cleaning device for homes with pets. (We wouldn’t recommend it for thick dog hair, but it should be able to handle your smooth- or short-haired dog’s shedding season clumps just fine.) A $399.99 value, it’s yours for just $259.99 on Pet Day — a $140 savings and its lowest price to date.

the bissell spinwave robotic mop and vacuum with a bottle of bissell multisurface cleaning solution

Credit: Bissell

Whistle Health & GPS+ — save 25%

Read Mashable’s guide to GPS dog collars.

Geared toward pups 25 pounds and up the Whistle Health & GPS+ is a high-tech smart collar that can keep tabs on your dog’s location, fitness, and health — everything from energy levels to appetite changes. (Note that it was recently renamed from the Whistle Switch, which you’ll still see in Amazon’s listing.) Grab it on sale in your choice of two colors and three sizes for $149.95, or 25% off its $199.95 MSRP.

a black whistle health & gps+ collar

Credit: Whistle
Whistle Health & GPS+

$149.95 on Amazon (save $50)

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl — save 56%

Read Mashable’s guide to dog puzzles.

Got a dog that inhales their kibble? Swapping their regular bowl for a slow feeder can prevent them from scarfing down their food too fast (and getting bloated) while adding some boredom-busting enrichment into their daily routine. Outward Hound’s bestselling Fun Feeder Slow Bowl model is listed for just $9.60 during Pet Day which is a whopping 56% off its $21.99 MSRP.

a blue slow feeder dog bowl

Credit: Outward Hound
Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

$9.60 on Amazon (save $12.39)

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy — save 47%

Outward Hound makes a lot of great interactive puzzle toys for dogs, another one being the Hide-A-Squirrel: This plush tree trunk containing six squeaky squirrels that Fido has to find is a step up from your average stuffed toy. It typically retails for $32.99, but Pet Day puts it at only $17.58 — that’s almost half off.

a log-shaped dog toy filled with plus squirrels

Credit: Outward Hound

Carhartt Dog Chore Coat — save up to 20%

The dog version of Carhartt’s classic heavyweight coat comes with the same firm-hand duck canvas, quilted liner, and water-repellent coating as the OG — an ideal pick for pooches that spend a lot of time outdoors. Amazon has it on sale in several different colors and sizes (starting at $38.20 for the smallest); you’ll save up to 20% depending on the one you pick.

carhartt's dog chore coat in brown/brass

Credit: Carhartt
Carhartt Dog Chore Coat

Starting at $38.20 (save up to 20%

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags (270 count) — save 26%

Might as well stock up on some essentials while you’re at it. This 270-count box of Earth Rated dog poop bags usually sells for $12.99, but it’s yours for only $9.59 on Pet Day.

a box of earth rated dog poop bags

Credit: Earth Rated

Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder — save 26%

Read Mashable’s guide to automatic cat feeders.

Perfect for busy cat owners who worry about missing meals, Petlibro’s top-rated Automatic Cat Feeder features a secure lock lid, a control panel with an LCD screen for quick scheduling (up to four meals a day), and a built-in voice recorder that lets you call Fluffy to dinner even when you’re not home. It’s currently on sale for $59.49, which is 26% off its $79.99 MSRP and its lowest price since Black Friday.

petlibro automatic cat feeder filled with kibble

Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder

$59.49 on Amazon (save $20.50)

Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain — save 43%

This TikTok-famous water fountain for cats has garnered equally rave reviews from Amazon customers, who love its cute, quiet, and easy-to-clean design (which comes with three different water flow settings and a three-liter capacity). Amazon normally sells it for $38.99, but it’s on sale for $22.39 this Pet Day — a 43% savings.

the Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain

Credit: Catit
Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain

$22.39 on Amazon (save $16.60)

Lesure Cat Tree — save 15%

Lesure’s 34-inch, multi-level cat tree features a heavy-duty wooden base for stability, two covered hideaways for naps, a plush ball for playtime, and a soft plush covering. Cat trees often cost upwards of $100 to $200, making this one a huge steal at just $59.49 (or 15% off its suggested retail price of $69.99).

a gray cat tree

Credit: Lesure
Lesure Cat Tree

$59.49 on Amazon (save $10.50)

Lesure Cactus Cat Scratching Post — save 15%

A fun addition to any living room, this cactus-shaped scratching post made with a thick, twine-covered pipe will give your couch a much-needed break from your cat’s claws. It’s returned to its all-time low price for Pet Day: Order one today for just $42.49, or 15% off its typical list price of $49.99.

a cat climbing on a cactus-shaped scratching post

Credit: Lesure
Lesure Cactus Cat Scratching Post

$42.49 on Amazon (save $7.50)

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