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Apple rakes in a record $97 billion as workers unionize for fair pay


Apple rakes in a record $97 billion as workers unionize for fair pay

A glowing Apple logo hangs above the Grand Central Apple store, one of the first locations to pursue unionization.

Apple reported a whopping $97.3 billion in earnings in Q2 of 2022 and a record-breaking $25 billion in profit. That’s a 9 percent increase compared to this same time last year. The company seen the largest growth in three areas: Mac (up 14.3 percent to $10.43 billion), wearables (up 12.2 percent to $8.82 billion) and services, which include app store purchases, Apple music, and Apple TV+ (up 17.2 percent to $19.82 billion).

This is especially impressive, if not surprising, considering the shortages squeezing global supply chains. One analyst put it into perspective by noting that the earnings made on Mac products in this quarter alone exceed past earnings on those products for the entire year.

“This quarter’s record results are a testament to Apple’s relentless focus on innovation and our ability to create the best products and services in the world,” said billionaire Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO who earned more than $700 million in 2021. In a statement on Thursday (April 28), he noted that Apple is “committed, as ever, to being a force for good in the world — both in what we create and what we leave behind.”

Workers say that Apple could create that change right now at their very own stores. Employees at the Grand Central Apple location have moved to unionize for “better pay for all covered workers, more robust benefits, and a thorough analysis of our work conditions, mainly relating to health and safety.” An Atlanta branch filed for a union election earlier this month.

This comes after 2021’s #AppleToo movement by Apple corporate employees and retail workers, who collected and shared salary information and workplace experiences at the company.

Congrats, Apple, for making money for your shareholders. Now it’s time to become a “force for good” for your own people.


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