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Singapore Army fields newest armoured fighting vehicle


Singapore Army fields newest armoured fighting vehicle

The Singapore Army has begun fielding a new armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) called the Hunter.

The Hunter is an Army’s first fully digitalised platform and is designed to provide Armoured forces with enhanced capabilities to operate more effectively and efficiently in various phases of military operations. The new AFV integrated with command, control, communications, and computers (C4) systems.

The newest AFV is based on tracked chassis and features a stronger hull. It can accommodate a commander, a driver, and a gunner. It features an integrated combat cockpit enabling the gunner and commander to operate the vehicle using common controls.

It comes equipped with a health and utilisation monitoring system (HUMS), which is a fully-digitalised platform using data analytics and algorithms to ensure timely maintenance and efficient vehicle management.

The Hunter’s drive-by-wire design, which controls its movements electronically instead of through rods and pistons attached to the driver’s pedals, allow the vehicle commander to drive when required.

The AFV was commissioned during the Singapore Armour Formation’s 50th anniversary parade held in June 2019.

The 29.5-tonne vehicle which can carry three crew members and eight other soldiers intended to replace the aging Ultra M113 armoured personnel carrier which has been in service with the Singapore Army since the early 70s.

Trainees undergoing the Hunter AFV driving course. Photo courtesy of the Singapore Army
Commanders of the Hunter Instructor Preparation Course (IPC) in action. Photo courtesy of the Singapore Army