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Tame the pet hair around your home with 20% off this handheld device


Tame the pet hair around your home with 20% off this handheld device

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TL;DR: As of May 2, you can get a Pet Hair Remover with 2 Gear Speed for $19.99. It usually costs $25, so you’re getting 20% off.

Between your daily robot vacuum schedule and your manual deep cleans, you do a decent job at keeping the pet hair in your home at bay. But when it comes to the hard-to-reach places, like the couch, corners, and steps, you might need backup. 

Check out this unique pet hair remover that can fit into those tiny spots that collect the most hair. It packs two different settings for your cleaning needs, fits in the palm of your hand, and is on sale for 20% off for a limited time. It usually costs $25, but you can grab it for just $19.99.

The UGR Tech Pet Hair Remover is part comb and part lint collector. It’s made with ABS plastic and a stainless steel retractable blade. The small, jagged teeth help gather all the pet hair clinging to your upholstery, furniture, blankets, and more — basically all the small spots your vacuum can’t get. The blade’s rounded edges also make it easy to reach into tight corners. The device has two different blade settings depending on the spot you are cleaning and the thickness of the hair. Pop it out to the second setting if you’re in a particularly messy place.

You can also use this pet hair removal gadget directly on your pet as a comb to gather up any loose hair before it even reaches your furniture and carpets. And if you end up getting hair on your clothes while you comb through your pet’s hair, you can then turn around and use it on your clothes. We love a good multifunctional gadget.

Since the blade is just under 5 inches long, you’re going to have to empty the hair quite regularly. But if you’re dedicated to pet hair removal, it should be worth it in the long run. Grab it on sale for only $19.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

White pet hair removal gadget with bristles

Credit: UGR Tech


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