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U.S. Air Force shows off its SRTV vehicle in action during JBER Salutes


U.S. Air Force shows off its SRTV vehicle in action during JBER Salutes

As part of an approved training mission, JBER-based U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard units are taking part in the JBER Salutes, a two-day event to show appreciation to service members and nearly 100 Anchorage-area “COVID Heroes” and their guests.

The service members and COVID Heroes, nominated for their support to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, toured various areas of the installation, viewed exhibits and static displays of aircraft, and watched demonstrations by Explosive Ordnance Disposal, military working dog teams, and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear experts.

Alaska Air National Guardsmen with the 212th Rescue Squadron also engaged simulated opposition forces at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, Alaska, July 10, 2020, as part of JBER Salutes.

During the event, Guardsmen shows off its tactical vehicle, known as the SRTV (Search & Rescue Tactical Vehicle) SXV, that has been built by BC Customs from the ground-up for combat operations.

The SRTV is an ultra-lightweight, air-deployable tactical vehicle that offers Guardian Angel rescue teams the necessary equipment to search for and recover personnel and equipment in austere geographic locations.

The unique vehicle platform provides unparalleled speed, payload, range and durability.

The SRTV SXV has a modular weapon system that can be changed to a variety of platforms, increasing combat effectiveness and firepower. With a top speed of 80mph, this vehicle redefines how small units can range and combat threats, in all types of environments. Additional features include casualty evacuation platforms for litters, and gas or diesel engine options, increasing adaptability to units’ needs. Well balanced, maneuverable, and quick, this vehicle can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios and environments, with the reassurance of good ‘ol heavy firepower attached.

Photo by Senior Airman Jonathan Valdes Montijo
Photo by Angela Earle
Photo by Angela Earle


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