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We tried the Fable Pets dog crate, and it’s as good as it looks


We tried the Fable Pets dog crate, and it’s as good as it looks

Black and white dog laying in a minimal wooden crate

Over the last two years, products from direct-to-consumer pet gear brand Fable have been in high demand. As the pandemic puppy boom surged, Fable’s flagship product — the minimal, aesthetically-pleasing dog crate — has become an internet favorite and at one point amassed a waitlist of more than 5,000 people.

It’s easy to see why the internet swoons over this crate. Where typical wire crates are an eyesore, the Fable crate turns your dog’s sleep spot into a serene den — all while doubling as a stylish side table to display your plants, trinkets, or other decor.

The Fable crate is made of beautiful light colored bent wood and is available in size x-small/small (recommended for dogs 25 pounds or less) and size medium (recommended for dogs 50 pounds or less). It also comes fitted with either a clear acrylic or white sliding garage-style door that can be tucked up into the crate when not in use. The small crate will run you $395, while the larger one costs an impressive $595.

I never thought I’d say that my nicest piece of furniture is a dog crate.
Front view of a minimal wooden dog crate

Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable
Side view of minimal wooden crate

Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable

Sure it’s expensive, but there’s undoubtedly a market of devoted pet parents ready to swipe their credit cards for any cute, well-made pet product — including me. I nearly bought this crate when I first adopted my border collie mix rescue dog, Miso, but I wanted to get crate training down first.

Now that our crate training is completed, Fable sent me a medium sized crate to try out, and with Miso’s help, we tested it to see if it’s more than just a pretty product (and if it’s worth the price tag). Spoiler alert: Miso and I were both big fans.

How to assemble the Fable crate

The Fable crate ships unassembled, but is easy to put together. Note that the box the crate ships in can weigh anywhere from 50 to 75 pounds, so make sure to call some friends over to get it up the stairs if you live in a walk-up apartment.

Disassembled fable crate
The five pieces were easy to screw together.
Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable

The crate box comes with five separate pieces of wood that you assemble using an included Allen wrench. It doesn’t require any kind of building experience, and thankfully didn’t have as many assembly steps as a piece of IKEA furniture. I was able to put the crate together by myself with the exception of lifting the top piece on. This is where the metal (or acrylic, depending on your choice) garage-type door is installed, so it’s significantly heavier than the other pieces. I had to ask my partner to help me lift the top piece and align it with the bottom, but after that, assembly was simple — it only took me about 30 minutes total.

How we tested the Fable crate

Miso used the Fable crate for two full months to decide if it’s better than her old black wire version. It’s obviously the prettier choice (and matches my apartment’s vibe much better) but she seems to like it more, too.

Black and white dog laying on a fluffy bed in a wooden dog crate
She is beauty she is grace (Miso and the crate).
Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable

I received the medium crate, and it’s the perfect size for Miso. She’s about 45 pounds and is a little leggy for her size, measuring in at around 20 inches at the shoulder. If your dog is taller than Miso, I wouldn’t recommend the medium size, as they won’t be able to walk in and out of the crate comfortably.

I initially left both Miso’s old wire crate and the Fable crate in our living room and after a few days, she started opting for the Fable crate to snooze in. I had to train her to get used to the sound the door latch makes when opening and closing the crate, but this only took about a week of positive reinforcement until she was completely unfazed by it. If your dog gets startled by loud noises or movement, it might take a little more work to get them used to the door.

Image of dog eating treats out of a crate
After a few days of bribing (positive reinforcement), Miso started napping in the crate.
Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable

As the bougie dog that she is, Miso loves all things expensive, and I can’t blame her. She seems much more at-ease in her Fable crate than she was in the old wire crate. I noticed that she started leaning up against the sides of the Fable crate and resting her head on it — something she never did in the wire crate (probably because it was uncomfortable). The Fable crate definitely gives calming spa vibes, and since Miso is an anxious pup, I would never deny her a little extra relaxation.

Miso can put her paws and part of her nose out of the holes in the crate door, which is basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Who doesn’t love a little snoot peeking out? Fable notes on its website though, that if your dog has a head measuring within an inch smaller or larger than the crate window size, you shouldn’t use this crate to avoid choking risk. It’s also not chew-proof, so escape artist dogs and extreme chewers should steer clear.

Dog sticking its nose and paw out of a dog crate door

Look at that snoot!
Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable
Alternate angle of dog sticking their nose and paw out of a dog crate door

Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable

Is the Fable crate worth the money?

The Fable crate is undoubtedly expensive, but it’s worth it for a select group of people: namely, minimalist, stylish dog parents who want to keep their home decor coordinated with their dog gear. If you’re not into design or just don’t mind a wire metal crate in your home, the Fable crate probably isn’t for you. But, if you want your dog to wind down in a Scandinavian-inspired den that also looks great in your home, you’ll be able to justify the high price tag.

Aside from looking outright beautiful, Fable’s crate is also generally more comfortable for your dog than its traditional wire counterpart. Your pup won’t have to lean against thin wire bars while trying to relax, and the strategic design means that you won’t need to throw a blanket over the crate to block light, therefore preserving airflow. The garage door-like design is a huge selling point too — you’ll save space (ideal for apartment-dwellers) and will never crash into an open crate door again.

Black and white dog curled up in a wooden dog crate
Cozy level 1000
Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable

When I get another dog, I’ll be buying a second Fable crate. It fits so seamlessly into my home, and has visibly helped my dog relax, so we won’t be going back to the cheap wire versions any time soon.

I know that a $395 to $595 dog crate isn’t accessible for everyone, and aside from the price there are a few other cons to think about. First, the Fable crate isn’t portable in the way a wire crate is. If you travel with your dog frequently, you’ll need to keep a portable crate on hand. It also doesn’t currently come in a size for large dogs, and can’t be returned, so measure your dog multiple times before placing an order, or you might get stuck with a crate that’s the wrong size.

Is the Fable dog bed worth it?

In addition to the crate, we also tested out the brand’s dog bed in the corresponding size. We got the medium bed in the tofu color, but the bed also comes in xs/small and large in a total of six different colors, and ranges from $95 to $120 based on size.

It nestles perfectly in the crate while leaving just the right amount of room to open and close the door with ease. You could probably find a cheaper dog bed that fits inside the crate if you searched for specific dimensions, but opting for the Fable brand bed is an easier option.

Black and white dog curled up on a plush bed
Just want to be her…
Credit: Jae Thomas/Mashable

The bed features an exterior cover that’s waterproof, stain-resistant, UV-resistant, and durable. The interior of the bed is made of shredded memory foam and is extremely plush and supportive. I sat on it myself to test it out, and if I were a dog, it would definitely be my go-to nap spot.

So far, the bed has held up to over a month of Miso sleeping on it nightly, and still looks brand new. With that being said, Miso isn’t a chewer or a digger, and we don’t normally deal with accidents in the house, so those things will obviously add extra wear and tear to the bed. The good news is that both the exterior cover and the inner insert are machine washable, so if you have a case of muddy paws or a potty accident, you can just throw the whole thing into the laundry pile.

Fluffy dog chewing on a treat on a fluffy dog bed

Credit: Fable
Fable dog bed

$95 to $120 at Fable


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