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How to Job Search During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic


Learn all the adjustments you need to make the job searching, networking, job interviewing and more during the COVID-19 outbreak! An amazing 5-part video series that teaches you exactly how to actually job search!

Learn the most valuable steps and techniques that help you surface job interviews fast!

It covers the overall approach, how to target companies, identify people to contact, and teach you how to craft networking messages that get replies. Plus, learn the problems you’ll encounter and how to overcome them!

In this Job Search Video:
  1. Remain calm
  2. Every crisis leaves an indelible mark
  3. Revolutions, slow then accelerate
  4. Impacts for you going forward
  5. Industries at risk, likely to rise
  6. Tactical changes to your job search
  7. What to expect with job interviews
  8. Tips on video interviewing
  9. Skills employers will now look for
  10. Questsions to ask the employers
  11. Following up, networking, interviewing


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