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Best New Climbing Gear of 2022


Best New Climbing Gear of 2022

It’s never too late up your rock climbing game and there are more disciplines to expand your skills than most people think. Maybe you’re a dedicated gym climber or you saw a documentary on a soloist climber that sparked some interest, only to get intimidated by amassing more technical gear. No sweat, we’ve got the lowdown on the best new climbing gear for intermediate and advanced climbers to level up, with products from trusted brands like Mammut, Petzl, Scarpa, and more.

So whether you want to push your skills at a local gym, or take your climbing adventures outside on real rock, intermediate climbers can benefit from these few key pieces of gear. And for all of the vertical veterans out there, the summer brings an excellent opportunity to upgrade your rack and pick up a few new pieces of essential gear so you can climb higher and farther this season.

Best New Climbing Gear of 2022

Mammut Sender QuickDraws will keep you safe while climbing all summer.
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1. Mammut Sender Wire 12cm Draws

Send that tricky project this summer with Mammut’s new, extremely lightweight Sender Wire 12 cm Draws. Functional for year-round climbing, the Senders are designed for alpine climbing and high-performance sport climbing, but are also great in snow and ice. The wire gate offers less gate flutter and shutter, while the sling protector slows down wear. Whether you’re working on a redpoint or attempting a long grueling alpine route, the Senders are your new favorite quickdraws.

[$90 for 6-pack; mammut.com]

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