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Marlo Hampton TRASHES Kenya Moore: You’re a New Money Has-Been! You Had a White Refrigerator!


Marlo Hampton TRASHES Kenya Moore: You’re a New Money Has-Been! You Had a White Refrigerator!

It’s official: The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back for Season 14, and did not waste any time.

On the premiere, Marlo Hampton threw a fashion-forward get-together.

Several of the ladies shaded the event, from the name to the party, with Kenya Moore one of the most vocal critics.

Marlo didn’t let that go unchallenged, dredging up some of the harshest things ever said on the show to clap back.

Marlo Hampton’s ball was to show off her fashion showroom company, Le’ Archive.

The problem began with the name, as some of her castmates recognized that the French was, well, wrong.

This is sometimes done deliberately (with any language) as an artistic choice, but the Housewives got a few laughs out of it anyway.

“Honey, you rented out a balldroom with no ball,” Kenya remarked in the confessional.

“How dreadful,” she added.

Kenya felt that Marlo had “missed the mark” by flaunting her designer clothes on mannequins instead of in a more conventional fashion show.

Kenya was not the only critic.

It was newcomer Sanya Richards-Ross who could not help but observe that “L’Archive” would be the correct French.

Then of course came one of Marlo’s outfits for the event.

Sheree Whitfield could barely keep it together when she saw Marlo’s puffy, glittery, red ensemble.

Why? Because it reminded her of a certain old-fashioned strawberry candy.

While the outfit is certainly a bold fashion statement, it’s hard to unsee once you hear the “church candy” comparison.

There were other comments, some about just not feeling the atmosphere of the event.

Others remarked how odd it looked to see mannequins without wigs, though that could be a stylistic choice.

There were still numerous praiseworthy things — with even Marlo’s worst critics complimenting the food.

Word of the critiques, especially Kenya’s, got back to Marlo, who had some things to say about it.

“You know Kenya, I love her to death, but she’s not gonna be nice, she’s not gonna support,” Marlo acknowledged.

“And,” she continued, “nothing I do is she ever gonna compliment.”

In her estimation, Marlo said, Kenya simply “needs some attention.”

In her mind, memories of one of Kenya’s launch parties were still playing a role in how she responds to things.

This is when Marlo declared that Kenya is a “has-been.”

“No matter what she says bad about me, I know you are a has-been [with] your new money,” Marlo announced.

She also referred to a nine-year-old clip in which NeNe read Kenya’s home for filth, highlighting a “white refrigerator” and pretending to pity her.

That moment still plays through the minds of fans — and, clearly, through the minds of the Housewives.

Just because Marlo got a few verbal jabs in doesn’t mean that she didn’t blow a gasket.

“I don’t know what the f–k you f–king said that I am,” Marlo fired off at Kenya.

“Because I’m pissed, and I’m disappointed, and I’m hurt,” she epxressed.

“Every time I have a f–king event, you are the one to talk about it!” Marlo pointed out.

“Continue to sit here, and relax, and hate, and do what y’all do ladies,” she declared.

At that point, Marlo stormed off. Whew!

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