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Prince William had a ‘crisis meeting with aides’ & wants to add ‘diversity’ to team


Prince William had a ‘crisis meeting with aides’ & wants to add ‘diversity’ to team

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Caribbean tour in March was a complete disaster. Arguably, the tour would have been a disaster no matter which “senior royals” were sent, because it’s 2022 and the whole framework of a royal tour is pretty stupid at this point. Especially given that many of the countries having these tours foisted upon them are “former colonies” of the British empire, and that’s exactly how British royals treat them too. While William and Kate had to eat a lot of sh-t for how tone-deaf they were during the tour, the Wessexes’ tour went just as badly one month later, which just shows that all of the royals (save, perhaps, the Montecito royals) are all tone-deaf a–holes who are terrible at this. Still, back to William and Kate. What’s next for them? Will they ever be able to go on tour again? Will they first need to revamp their entire staff? These are the questions William has been pondering.

Prince William has ‘held a crisis meeting with aides’ as he plans a Palace revolution to modernise the monarchy. The future of the monarchy and the Commonwealth came under scrutiny after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of the Caribbean. Their intense eight-day long tour around Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas saw the couple face backlash after encountering tensions in the Caribbean nations.

It has been reported that the Duke of Cambridge had ‘abrupt’ talks with aides about the ‘haphazard planning’ of the tour. Royal sources revealed to The Mirror that he is ‘determined’ to update the institution after struggling to ‘move on’ from the bad press and will complete a root-and-branch review.

The newspaper also claimed both William and Kate personally interviewed two ‘star’ people to lead a ‘new-look communications team’. The candidates, described as a man and a woman, in their 30s and both former civil servants, have since been rejected due to ‘not being anywhere close to up to it’.

One source said: ‘It is pretty clear that the Cambridge’s need a drastic rethink. They are asking themselves whether there is enough diversity in their team – and they already know the answers.’

Another added: ‘You can’t think outside the box if everyone is sitting comfortably in the same one. In dealing with sensitive issues, such as the ones they met on the tour, if they aren’t in tune with what is going on in the world they will be left fighting for their futures.’

[From The Daily Mail]

If only there was someone in their royal midst who told William and Kate years ago that they were a couple of lazy, spoiled, racist dolts who surrounded themselves with lazy, incompetent sycophants. Oh wait, there was someone, but they smeared her and called her a sociopath because she sent text messages to full-time employees. As for these two “star” people they interviewed… whatever happened to the crisis managers who were hired last year after the Oprah interview, huh? And William is basically still trying to blame this on bad staff work. Which, I mean… bad staff work definitely happened. But that’s what happens when you’re a lazy idiot and you hire people who will not challenge you whatsoever.

Re: “Haphazard planning”… the Cambridges knew they were going on their Caribbean tour for several months. It’s not like the whole tour was thrown together at the last minute. Now, I believe William and Kate probably prepared at the last minute, meaning they skimmed their briefing books for five minutes and then thought about all of the drinking, scuba diving and fun they would have on their vacation, er- I mean “tour.”

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