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Why Johnny Depp’s Agent Believes the Actor Lost ‘Pirates 6’

Why Johnny Depp’s Agent Believes the Actor Lost ‘Pirates 6’


Why Johnny Depp’s Agent Believes the Actor Lost ‘Pirates 6’

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to battle it out in court as he sues her for defamation and $50 million in damages.

Christian Carino, who used to be the agent for Johnny and Amber during their marriage, is one of the latest witnesses to take the stand.

He testified about Amber’s 2017 relationship with Elon Musk and why he believes Johnny lost his role in the sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

Christian recalled telling Amber of her relationship with Elon, “If you don’t like being in the press about your personal life, then don’t date people that are famous.”

A lawyer also read a text from Heard to Carino regarding Musk that said, “Dealing with a breakup, I hate when things go public… I’m so sad.” Carino said he responded, “Why would you be sad if you weren’t in love with him to begin with?”

Musk’s attorney confirmed he will not take the stand, despite being listed as a witness for Heard.

Meanwhile, Carino also blamed Amber’s abuse accusations for hurting Depp’s career. Johnny has denied ever hitting a woman, including Amber.

When asked, “What was your understanding of why the ‘Pirates 6’ job was not offered to Mr. Depp?” Carino said in his opinion, it was “because of the accusations that Amber had made.”

That goes to the heart of Johnny’s case. He asserts his career tanked after Amber wrote an op-ed claiming she was the victim of domestic violence, even though she didn’t mention Depp by name.

During cross-examination, however, Christian was asked by Amber’s lawyer, “Jerry Bruckheimer did not say specifically what it was that caused Disney to decide not to continue with Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates 6’ or other matters, correct?” and he answered, “Correct.”

“Extra’s” Billy Bush caught up with Court TV’s Chanley Painter to talk about the case. She explained why Elon, and potential witness, James Franco, won’t be taking the stand.

“This is civil court… We can’t compel them to come in and give testimony inside this courtroom. If they did, it would be voluntary for their friend Amber Heard.”

She added that it “doesn’t mean some of their communications won’t be allowed in, though, so we may still keep hearing about Elon and James Franco throughout the trial.”

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