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10 Unforgettable Bloopers From Pinoy Teleseryes


10 Unforgettable Bloopers From Pinoy Teleseryes

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Now that teleseryes are being streamed and replayed on the Internet, eagle-eyed folks are having a field day spotting continuity lapses, strange items, and straight-up mistakes that may have escaped the notice of television viewers. Here’s the thing: The Internet sees everything—especially if it’s as funny as these facepalm moments from Pinoy teleseryes

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Remember these funny bloopers from Pinoy teleseryes that trended on social media?

Make It With You‘s Confused Call

pinoy teleseryes
PHOTO BY ABS-CBN / Make It With You

One short scene in the ABS-CBN teleserye Make It With You had folks very confused. It showed the characters of Liza Soberano and Katya Santos talking over the phone. Sounds completely normal, right? Except one had her phone on her ear while the other was was acting like it was a video call.

Folks in the know defended the Make It With You episode by stating that it was “for airing.” In other words, the episode was taped on the very same day it was scheduled to air—hence the funny continuity error. 

Magkaagaw’s Muddled Mud Scene 

pinoy teleseryes
PHOTO BY GMA / Magkaagaw

In this scene from GMA’s Magkaagaw, the character of Sheryl Cruz was sporting a white blouse and white jeans. Note the colors because in the scene, her character was hiding behind her car when she suddenly tripped and fell into a puddle of mud, which almost turned her white pants into black. But in the next frame, her pants only had traces of mud as she walked back to her car. 

The Better Woman‘s Couture Mishap

pinoy teleseryes
PHOTO BY GMA / The Better Woman

In the twin-sister-centric story The Better Woman, Andrea Torres played both leads. In one kidnapping scene, Juliet talks to her handcuffed and gagged sister Jasmine. It’s when Juliet takes off the gag so Jasmine could answer that folks her outfit completely changed. Looks like her identity crisis was so bad even her clothes couldn’t decide what they were. 

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s Bloodless Gunshot Wounds

pinoy teleseryes
PHOTO BY ABS-CBN / FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Ang Probinsyano has been around so long that it could have multiple entires in this list, but the death of Judy Ann Santos‘s character definitely takes the cake. In an episode that aired on August 19, 2019, they showed Santos’ character being shot in the back multiple times by policemen. And it looks like they couldn’t risk staining her outfit too much because even with multiple bullets, blood was at a minimum. Hey, maybe they were just trying to keep things PG?

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’s Medical Fiasco

pinoy teleseryes
PHOTO BY GMA / ASAWA KO, kariba ko

GMA afternoon series Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko caused medical experts a lot of confusion with their January 14, 2019 episode. In one scene involving the characters of Thea Tolentino and Matthias Rhoads, the former tries to suffocate the latter as he lies in a hospital bed, as one does. A Twitter user even tweeted that Daniel could not possibly die from being smothered with a pillow as the tube in his throat attached to a mechanical ventilator is actually the thing that lets him breathe. Well, at least the murder didn’t push through anyways. 

Inday Will Always Love You‘s Smashing Car Crash

pinoy teleseryes

Days before airing its final episode, the primetime series Inday Will Always Love You starring Barbie Forteza became viral on social media because of its car-crash scene. Aired on October 1, 2018, it was a prelude to the show’s finale on October 5. The three characters—Happylou (Forteza), Erika (Kim Rodriguez), and Patrick (Derrick Monasterio)—were inside a car when an attempted strangulation caused them to crash into a river. And it looks like that wasn’t the only thing that suffered a total crash. Folks online spotted multiple inconsistencies: Before the fall, the car was a new sedan but during the crash, the car magically transformed into an old model. Plus, the car dropped into the water upside down, but inside the car, the characters were trying not to drown in upright sitting positions.

The Blood Sisters’ Editing Slip

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Erich Gonzales‘s The Blood Sisters, where she portrayed triplets Erika, Carrie, and Agatha, flubbed the editing of an episode that aired on March 1, 2018. In one viral clip, you can see Carrie moving towards Erika but as she got closer, Carrie’s right arm suddenly faded. Still, props to Gonzales for pulling three different identities off! 

Mulawin vs. Ravena’s Smartphone Peek-a-Boo

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PHOTO BY gma / mulawin vs. ravena

Folks were surprised to see an iPhone peeking out of Heart Evangelista‘s Alwina costume in a viral clip of Mulawin vs. Ravena. The clip that went around was the “Ang Nakaraan” part of the episode where they run through everything that’s happened so far. As it turns out, it was not an official release. You can check out the episode in GMA’s online platforms and it’s clear the phone did not make it past post-production. Still, it’s pretty amusing seeing it in the fantasy world!

Wildflower’s Tsinelas Wedding

pinoy teleseryes

Maja Salvador‘s “Wildest Wedding” scene in Wildflower trended when it aired on August 10, 2017—for unexpected reasons. A photo showing Salvador wearing slippers underneath her black wedding gown came out on social media, which the actress explained was a pic from the ABS-CBN’s website that was taken during the rehearsal.

She said in an interview with Boy Abunda, “Ang nangyayari po kasi tuwing rehearsals naman, naka-tsinelas kami kasi kung hindi, mapapagod po talaga kami.” She also uploaded the photo on her Instagram stories to explain the photos context—but it definitely did nothing to lessen how funny it was! We say it’s the bride’s day anyway, so she can wear what she thinks is comfy.

Kambal, Karibal’s “washing machine” tube

pinoy teleseryes

The final episode of Kambal, Karibal on August 3, 2020, showed Pauline Mendoza‘s character hooked up to a mechanical ventilator—well, kind of. Folks online pointed out that the plastic tubing looked similar to the ones used in washing machines. Creative consultant Suzette Doctolero responded to the criticisms, saying that it was “legit”, even adding that there was a nurse who assisted during production. No wonder its finale trended then!

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