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All about LITZ, the newest PPop girl group from Viva

All about LITZ, the newest PPop girl group from Viva


All about LITZ, the newest PPop girl group from Viva

On November 11, the newest Pinoy Pop Girl Group from Viva, LITZ, introduced themselves to the public with the single Natataranta.  

During the media conference, reporters asked about details about the girl group, and they were more than ready to answer each question.

Their members consist of Heart Ryan Evangelista (19), Ashtine Olviga (22), Bianca Santos (20), Fatima Añonuevo (20), and Yumi Garcia (18).

When asked about the future of their group, Heart said that despite them growing up, LITZ would still be there for each other.

“For us, I don’t think our group will ever be /disbanded because as we grow older, I know that we will have our own strengths and who we really are, but LITZ will still be there.”

Another reporter then asked if Heart if she’s related to the style icon Heart Evangelista, to which she revealed that her mom was a fan of the Kapuso actress.

“My Full name is Heart Ryan Evangelista. My mom is a very big fan of Miss Heart Evangelista. She loves her art–she loves her face the most. She’s an idol, and she’s an icon, so pinaglihi po ata ako sa kanya.”

Bianca also agreed with Heart that they are focusing on their group at the moment.

“Ngayon po focus kami as LITZ and kung in the future po magkaroon kami ng individual career, pero ngayon ang focus lang po talaga namin is LITZ.”

Yumi regards their group as a long-term team-up and that they don’t envy each other’s success.

“For me po, yung LITZ parang long-term siya. Parang matagal ‘yung journey namin, matagal kaming magkakasama dito sa industriya so ang akin po is hindi po kami– wala po kaming inggitan sa katawan. Syempre gusto po namin is successful kami lahat. Ako gusto ko lahat kami aangat, kami sabay-sabay na aangat.”

Ashtine echoes Yumi’s comments about them not envying each other.

“Wala kaming inggitan sa katawan, and for example kung mayroon mang magkaroon ng individual na ganap, magiging masaya kami kung sino man ang magkakaroon ng opportunity.”

Fatima then described their relationship in the group as something “real” and built with friendship and love.

“I would describe the relationship in the group as something that is really real. Kami as a group sobrang masaya kami na ‘yung grupo na ito ay built with friendship and love.”

The group then listed their musical influences, such as Sarah Geronimo, BTS, and Rihanna.

After that, Heart and Ashtine shared their thoughts on their group receiving solo opportunities in the future.

“Any opportunities that will come to us that is good for us, we will surely take it po,” said Heart. 

“We’re open for opportunities, po pero for now focus po kami sa LITZ,” Ashtine added.

LITZ (Life in the Sunshine) is currently under Viva and the mentorship of Teacher Georcelle and the GForce Dance Academy. They hone their skills as performers under the tutelage of the renowned choreographer who brought life to Sarah Geronimo’s iconic dance number, Tala.

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