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‘He’s Into Her’ Season 2 Review: Growing Up and Waking Up in Love

‘He’s Into Her’ Season 2 Review: Growing Up and Waking Up in Love


‘He’s Into Her’ Season 2 Review: Growing Up and Waking Up in Love

The Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano-starrer series sequel has nostalgic memories–as the twists-and-turns may not always be undesirable but necessary to get where the destiny of the central love story.

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Actors: Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano, Jeremiah Lisbo, Kaori Oinuma, Vivoree Esvlito, Joao Constancia, Crizaa Taa, Ashley del Mundo, Gello Marquez, Dalia Verde, Limer Veloso, Rajo Serrano, Turz Daza, Janus del Prado, Marissa Delgado, Richard Quan, Issa Litton, Anna Abad Santos, Art Acuña, JC Alcantara

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Premise: High school sweethearts turned star-crossed lovers Max and Deib find themselves going against all odds to protect their young relationship from possible ruin because of inevitable conflicts. (iWantTFC)

Running Time: 45 minutes

Director: Chad Vidanes

Watch it on: iWantTFC, A2Z, Kapamilya Channel

Time slot: Sundays, 8:30 PM

Why You Should See It:

Things are about to get gloomy in the sophomore season of 2021’s biggest local web series, He’s Into Her. Promises will be abandoned. Lovers will quarrel. Hearts will be broken. As Max and Deib’s romance pushes forward in this much-anticipated sequel, what happens next may not be what most fans are dying to see. That being said, how everything will unfold, no matter how bitter they feel, will be eventually pivotal in allowing Max (Belle Mariano) and Deib’s (Anthony Pangilinan) story to arrive where it is destined to be.

Love is a growing up… Love is a waking up. These are lines that are to be practically what this entire new season is going to be about. 

Viewers are given glimpses of the dark path that the two lovebirds are set to take, a premonition, which may not be new to even the newest of rom-com lovers. After all, all successful love stories have rough patches. What Max and Deib have–is not going to be an exception.

Of course, there are sweet and tender moments. Viewers are treated by the blossoming of Deib and Max’s relationship, although one can’t miss the writings on the wall: this love story is about to confront daunting challenges. 

As young as it still is, their relationship inevitably finds obstacles in Max’s father, who can not entertain the thought that his daughter now dates the boy who bullied her. The presence of RJ (Jeremiah Lisbo), who admitted he can not move forward yet, similarly presents an obstacle to Max and Deib. Max’s father’s other family remains a threat, at least to her relationship with her dad, while Deib still has his bedridden brother, to occasionally worry him and take his time.

This season follows Deib and Max as they both grow up and wake up in love, but it also sees them getting broken and changed by their imperfect circumstances. It will allow the viewers to know the other players that radiate around Deib and Max’s love story, as well as other relationships and events, that will ultimately shape everybody’s destiny.

Stream the second season of He’s Into Her on iWantTFC now. Catch the TV airing on A2Z Channel 11 and Kapamilya Channel. Watch the official full trailer, below:

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