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Jona Viray responds to bashers who chide her for network transfer


Jona Viray responds to bashers who chide her for network transfer

With ABS-CBN’s shutdown, Kapamilya singer Jonalyn Viray has received hate comments saying that she deserved losing her career after moving from one network to another.

Reacting to this, the singer expressed her disappointment in such destructive behavior.

“Sa mga tao pong nagsasabi sakin na ‘mabuti nga sayo, lipat lipat ka pa kasi, wala ka na trabaho, wala ka ng career.’ Wow..that’s the kind of spirit Filipinos have? Nagsasaya sa kawalan ng iba? One thing I’d like to tell these people, just keep following and be updated.”

In her recent posts, the singer also showed her support for a petition to bring back ABS-CBN broadcasting operations after the network’s closure.

Urging her followers to sign the petition,she said, “Pls sign and show your support if you believe Filipinos deserve wider information coverage and in saving the livelihood of thousands.  SUPREME OURT PH: AN APPEAL TO BRING CH2, DZMM, MOR AND CH23 BACK ON AIR – Sign the Petition!”

Viray also lauded Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado after the latter stated her stand about practicing freedom of speech.

Mercado tweeted, “But I am a Filipino and that alone is enough. To be neutral or silent in times of injustice is injustice. If being ‘bashed’ is a small price to pay for practicing my right to freedom of speech. Then I am fine with it.”

Jona also supported a statement from Senator Ralph Recto which said, “ABS-CBN does not deserve the death penalty. If it erred, penalize it. Because if corporate misdeed is punishable with extinction, no business will be left standing in this land.”

In another post, Jona retweeted Mike Navallo’s statement about his political views.

The post said, “So apparently, no to ‘oligarchs’ but yes to cronies and political dynasties. This happened in the 70s, it is happening now. You can try convincing people to hate ‘oligarchs’ all you want. People just hate hypocrites.”

Jona was the lead singer of the three-piece girl group La Diva, alongside Maricris Garcia and Aicelle Santos at GMA Network.

In February 2016, following the group’s disbandment, Viray ended her decade-long exclusivity with GMA Network and transferred to ABS-CBN and changed her screen name from Jonalyn Viray to “Jona“.

From then on she has sung several theme songs for ABS-CBN films and drama series. Throughout her career, Jona has been dubbed as the “Philippines’ Soul Princess” by Philippine media and critics.


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